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Bangkok Photo Diary



For me, Bangkok was one of those expectation versus reality sort of moments. Being the first city we touched down in on our Asian adventure there was a lot that didn’t go exactly to plan! Money was wasted, some of the best Thai food was overlooked (sob!) and we even probably paid over the odds for some elephant pants. But you’ve just got to roll with it. So here we are a week later in Bali alive and kicking and even a little slimmer from that 20,000 steps a day we were managing. I can’t say Bangkok was for me but it has got to be an experience to tick off the bucket list. Talking of that bucket list… well as you can see we even managed to fit in a visit to the Unicorn Cafe. Organised by me- of course.

Our apartment was great, we booked through Airbnb. I reckon its got to be the way to go if you’re planning a trip to the city. The price was better than a lot of hostels we had looked at and the accommodation was wayyyy nicer. Also it gave us a chance to use Bangkok’s BTS sky train to get around. Saving a heap on taxis. ¬†Another major highlight was our sunset drinks in Octave which is a stunning sky bar allowing you to see unbeatable views of the city. We managed to pick the only night that it peed it down with rain. But hey it felt homely-like being back in the UK!

Bangkok would be an awesome destination for a shopping trip. For a city break maybe its too hectic. We did get to see a few cultural sights which I’ll blog about soon. For now I’m off to celebrate our anniversary in the beautiful Ubud, Bali!

Love Eleanor x

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