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3 Ways to Wear Silver Boots | Look 3

adidastee3adidastee7 adidastee2adidastee5adidastee4adidasteeadidastee6adidastee10adidastee8Faux Fur Coat (similar) – Topshop | T Shirt– Adidas @ ASOS | Jeans (similar)– ASOS | Boots- Primark | Hoops (old)- H&M

Hello Lovelies. I feel like recently my blog posts have been very consistently outfit based. I want to try to mix it up a little but hey I think we can fit in one more this week eh? This is my final of three looks on how I style these shiny shiny metallic boots. Which are no less than £12 from Primark! And yes I have been wearing them just as much in real life I’m pleased to announce.

For today’s look I’ve went for a bit of a retro sporty vibe. Mostly because I bloody love this classic Adidas tee and might have to buy it in ALL the colours I can find. But that’s just how I roll… These cropped flares are also one of my staple pieces. I bought them last year so it’s likely they’re not available anymore but I’ll do my utmost to find something similar. If you’re a shortie like me and you wanna go for flares, cropped is the easy way out. Unless you enjoy wearing heels I suppose. I’ve thrown it all together with a faux fur coat as its gotten real chilly outside lately.

My hair has had a bit of a winter over haul too. I was getting so so bored growing it out so now I have a bit of a fringe. It gives me the illusion of looking kinda cool when I’m actually really not- perfect! Thoughts?

Love Eleanor x

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Stars and Stripes

sweatpants2 sweatpantssweatpants4 sweatpants3 sweatpants7sweatpants6sweatpants9 sweatpants8 sweatpants10Sweatpants- Adidas (similar) HERE, Jumper- Topshop, Heels- Office, Fur clutch- Topshop,

Watch- Casio HERE

I’m going to lay my cards out. When I can’t be bothered- which equates to the majority of the time, I’m a tiny bit addicted to wearing sweatpants. Most days. I stole James’ sweatpants so much that he went out and bought me my own smaller version. It didn’t stop me… Anyway I’ve been seeing a lot of Gigi Hadid in hers recently, even to go clubbing. So I had a thought- can they ever be acceptable for none lazy day wear?

This isn’t a look for everyone, for example James didn’t get this look. He was all like why don’t you just wear it with trainers? *Confused boy face*. However, I’ve been doing a lot of obsessing over heels and sweatpants on Pinterest. It’s one of those things you can’t really get away with wearing in real life, but a lot of bloggers make it look cool. I reckon I need one of those really chunky chain chokers to balance out all the black but I’ve got to say I don’t hate it.. Thoughts?

Love Eleanor x

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