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Two ways to wear a cropped printed jumpsuit

jumpsuit4 jumpsuitjumpsuit10jumpsuit3jumpsuit5 jumpsuit6 jumpsuit7 jumpsuit8Jumpsuit (sold out) – Topshop | Jacket (similar) – Topshop | Scarf (similar) – Zara | Shoes (old) – Office

So I’m aware that this outfit isn’t entirely  season appropriate. And yeah my toes were pretty chilly taking these photos. I was planning on cosying (I can’t believe that’s not a word!) it up by adding some sparkly socks under the heels but decided against it. That is a major regret. I’m going to do a different idea on how to wear this jumpsuit next week which may or may not be more Autumn appropriate – no spoilers.

This look is pretty much exactly what I wore to celebrate my birthday this week. I snapped the jumpsuit up in the Topshop sale for a mere £20! Although its more of a summer piece, I think most pieces can be adapted for the colder months. I’ve tried to go a bit seventies with the platform sandals. I’ve actually had these for years and they have to be the most comfortable heels I own.  Last year these scarves were majorly popular and I do still like that look so have decided to resurrect it. Plus the colour is just one of my all time faves. They have a rather pretty velvet version in Zara this year, which I’ve linked above.

Thoughts ?

Love Eleanor x

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Everyday is a Dungaree Day

dungarees3 dungarees2dungarees4 dungarees7dungarees8dungarees6 dungarees9 dungarees11 dungarees12 dungarees13Dungarees- New Look  @ ASOS HERE

Blouse- Topshop

Boots- H&M


Glasses- Kate Spade

I know my outfit posts are pretty few and far between these days but I’ve felt myself turning into one of those people who wants to dress comfortably above all else. And I never thought I would be one of those people. Basically I’ve been living in dungarees and trainers. I’m finding that I’ve developed quite a collection and now want to focus my attentions on dungaree dresses. Because after all they give me enough space to eat what ever I want. Yes I am that person who dresses around their food consumption. Times have gotten truly desperate.

On the other hand I feel like I’ve sufficiently avoided the whole ‘I’ve let myself go’ look with this little blouse.  Its got  such a pretty little collar detail and I just don’t wear it enough. I’d also like to pay homage to my new glasses which actually help me see so much better and generally stop me looking a bit too squinty most of the time. I reckon I fit the part of super smart scientist very well while wearing them.

Love Eleanor x

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Back to Blog

stripetop4 stripetopstripetop2stripetop5stripetop6stripetop8stripetop9stripetop10

Leather Jacket- Topshop (similar) HERE

Top- Boohoo @ Asos

Jeans- Tally Weil (similar) HERE

Brogues- (similar) HERE 

Scarf- Topshop

I’m writing this post from the comfort of the swingy chair in my garden in sweltering 28 degree heat. Incredibly 2016s hottest day has fallen on my day away from the office, leaving me feeling pretty darn pleased with life. I’m also aware anyone reading this who is from outside the UK is probably thinking that our idea of a heat wave is a little pathetic.

Now I’ve been away from the blogging life for quite a few weeks (hence the inventive title of this post) but what I do know is we should all do more of what makes us happy. So I dug out these photos which  have needed editing for a good two months now and here we are. If I’m being really frank James and I are trying are best to save for some exciting adventures in the New Year and it’s sort of hard to blog about material things with no disposable income!

So these jeans and shoes were actually purchases I brought back from Crete with me and were both reasonably priced and very comfortable. But I have managed to search out similar items on ASOS for alternatives.  I’ve had just about enough of high waisted jeans lately so I invested in a few pairs of low rise denim which has been a really good decision. This Boohoo top was one of those holiday buys that I thought I’d never really wear again when I got home and so far I was right!  Although it does make me feel like an awesome Flamenco dancer so it still hangs  proudly in my wardrobe.


Love Eleanor x


The Reversible Bomber Jacket

reversable jacket3 reversable jacketreversable jacket2reversable jacket4 reversable jacket6reversable jacket7 reversable jacket5reversable jacket9reversable jacket10reversable jacket8Bomber Jacket- Topshop HERE

Shirt- Topshop (old)

Jeans- Miss Selfridge (old)

Bag- Mango (similar) HERE

Shoes- Mango HERE

Sunglasses- H&M

I’ve got to say I’m sitting here rather smugly as I’m writing this… Mostly because I finally got my grubby hands on this baby- the bomber jacket that is not an actual baby. But I can sometimes get these things confused.  I’m aware if you read a lot of fashion blogs or spend a lot on time on Insta (guilty) you’re probably sick of the sight of this jacket but I’ve been obsessing over it for months. I’d just about given up hope after it kept selling out SO fast online when none other than my better half James appeared at my door with it! Yes I’m a very spoilt girlfriend. Anyway I intend to cherish it forever.

The sunglasses and sandals may not be entirely weather appropriate but to be honest I’m just not getting much chance to wear them. And I wanted to jazz the whole look up (some more) plus inject a bit of summer into a rainy day. FYI I took the sunglasses off after taking these photos so not to look like a dick… Now I’m off to watch The Secret Life of Kittens- oh the important things in life!

Love Eleanor x

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The Perfect Summer Playsuit

playsuit2 playsuit1playsuit3 playsuit5 playsuit4playsuit6 playsuit7 playsuit8 playsuit9

playsuit10 playsuit11

Playsuit- Boohoo @ ASOS (similar) HERE

Jacket- Topshop (similar) HERE


Sunglasses- ASOS HERE

Boots- H&M

Scarf- Miss Selfridge (old)

Hi Lovelies, I feel as though its been a very long time since I’ve done a proper outfit post so here we go… I’d actually had all the best intentions of photographing this little playsuit when I was away in sunny sunny Greece but the straps broke much to my horror! Luckily I’ve got them all sewn back on and stronger than ever- I reckon anyway.

The playsuit is a super cute off the shoulder number which I managed to pick up for less than £20- bargain! (On that note… is anyone else feeling very pleased about the fact that Boohoo is now available on Asos?) Its actually perfect for the height of summer as its really lightweight but sadly pretty see through. Something James noticed straight away.  I’ve added a few choice accessories including this awesome western belt and statement sunglasses along with these boyish patent booties. Now if we could just see some sun the look would be complete.

Love Eleanor x

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My Calvins

calvinklein calvinklein2 calvinklein4Vest- Calvin Klein @ Urban Outfitters HERE

Bra (worn underneath) – New Look

Velvet choker- Topshop HERE

I’m feeling rather 90s in these photos with my retro style Calvin Klein Jeans logo top and my good ol’ velvet choker. It’s probably not that surprising that I was watching episodes of Buffy as I edited this. I was clearly so inspired that I went for a classic disposable camera look. Seriously though, I’ve been getting so obsessed with 90s throwback logo tops lately that I think its actually becoming a bit of an issue for me. On the day I picked this one up from Urban Outfitters (eg. the holy grail for these sort of things) they actually had a shed load of Fila stuff in the sale. BUT I can happily say I resisted the urge to buy £5 vests in every colour.

I also fall in love a little everytime I put on this lace bra from New Look. I’ve got it in both yellow and royal blue but I’ve gotta say I just don’t wear it as often as I thought I would. It’s just one of those things that’s a bit too sexy and impracticable for every day wear so gets relegated to the special occasion section of my underwear selection!

Love Eleanor X

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All Blue Everything

denimdress3denimdress2denimdress5denimdress4denimdress6 denimdressScarf- Topshop

Shirt- H&M

Denim Dress- Miss Selfridge

Brogues- Zara

As is clearly explained by the title of this post, on this particular day I decided to go for an all blue outfit. Except to point out the obvious my beloved silver brogues which I just feel like I don’t really get the chance to wear as often as I’d like. Boo.  Now I’ve had this denim dress for a while and although I really like the whole 70s look to it, I’m never completely convinced but the shape of it. It’s the sort of piece where I reckon you need to have a really womanly figure to pull off and I just ain’t blessed that way!

In other news, I feel like I’m having a real love hate relationship with my blog lately. Mostly hate lets be honest… I’ve just not been feeling it and I also feel like moving over to WordPress has been a pretty bad decision for me. My page views just seemed to plummet and my blog doesn’t even show up on google anymore. So I’m considering a move back over to Blogger and hoping that will fix it all. I mean if you’re not happy with something you may as well try and fix it right??

Love Eleanor X

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My University Experience


In the interests of keeping this post upbeat and not drag on too long, I’ll try to be brief today! So I’ve wanted to write a little post about my university experience for a while now. It’s something I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do and I feel like there’s a lot of debate around further education. It’s been nearly 3 years since I graduated which makes it easier to look back and talk about what I learnt from it all.

So I may have mention previously that I actually quit uni twice before finally completing my degree which probably reveals a lot. When I did get through my degree it was in Fashion at Newcastle College and I came out with a 2.1. I’ve got to say by the end of the three years my heart just wasn’t in it and I just wanted the whole thing to be over with so I could start working instead. To be completely transparent, I spent the whole time unsure I’d made the right decision and worried about my future- which was pretty depressing!

It’s not that I wasn’t academic or creative or even that I wasn’t interested in the subject I was studying. I just honestly think that University isn’t for everyone. When I left school I think there was a lot more pressure on young people to ‘get an education’ and that University was the only path into a ‘good’ job. As I’m way past my school days now, I can’t say for certain but its seems like the rise in fees and lack of graduate jobs has relaxed that attitude a little now.

For me, I reckon those years would have been better spent gaining experience in the real working world. I also wish I’d used my spare time more wisely- doing placements or creative projects or even just keeping a blog. I totally understand that for some careers University is the only way but for others maybe that time and money could be spent better elsewhere? At 18, I  feel like I was too young and inexperienced to decide what I wanted to do too. Although that doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone!

Let me know what you think… Did you have a positive or negative experience with further education?

Love Eleanor x


The Grey Knitted Dress

knitdress7knitdress10knitdress5knitdress8knitdress4knitdress11knitdress9knitdress12knitdress2knitdress3knitdressKnitted Dress- Primark

Leather Jacket- Topshop (similar) HERE

Trainers- Adidas HERE

Clutch- Topshop

Fluffy Hair Tie- Topshop

Sunglasses- H&M HERE

It’s currently freezing cold with on/off snow/ice balls flying down from the sky. But luckily I managed to get out yesterday and get a few snaps together for this post. Now here’s to hoping the doomsday sky clears up again soon…

I actually picked up this little knitted number in Primark (of all places) for an amazingly cheap £5. Yes I’m pretty pleased with myself. It reminds me of a grey knitted co-ord from Topshop last winter which was a very popular blogger outfit. I kinda wish I’d gone a few sizes up so it was a bit longer and oversize. For some reason I always think that makes an outfit look a bit edgier.

Can I also just give a special mention to this fluffy hair tie? I’ve had it for ages but never really worn it, mostly because I’m sure I’m not cool enough for that sort of thing. Let me know what you think? Yay or nay?

Love Eleanor x  



gardens2gardens6gardens10gardens9gardens8gardens gardens14gardens13gardens11gardens18gardens19gardens17A Sunday morning spent in Alnwick Gardens with James. I hadn’t been to the gardens since I was  much smaller but they still have that magical feel, some of the filming for Harry Potter was even done at nearby Alnwick Castle. We now have our sights set on the stunning treehouse as our future home… that’s achievable right?

Love Eleanor x