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My Favourite Festive Eyeshadow Palette

| Burgundy Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette- MAC |

Tis’ the season to discuss about our top festive beauty products. And today is no different as I have a little post all about my favourite Burgundy eyeshadow palette.  A few years ago I would have never been brave enough to try burgundy based colours with my make up look. However  they’re surprisingly flattering. Of course winter is the time of year when you want a stand out look, particularly for the party season.

For me, this selection of shades has it all. For casual days I go for a light wash of Poppyseed or Quarry. If I’m feeling a little glam I can add some Honey Lust to the mix. Big night out? This palette has it covered too. There are beautiful deep purples (Embark and Sketch) and warm metallics (Antiqued and Star Violet). My personal fave is #Noir, which comes out as a gorgeous dark metallic khaki green on the eyes.

I almost always find MAC products to have great staying power on my skin so I rarely need to reapply. My only issue with this palette is that you get so little product- you can tell mine is already pretty well loved!
I have been guilty of major blog neglect this year. This post was designed to ‘ease’ me back into it as I would really love to get a post a week written for the New Year! As always, let me know your thoughts ect?

Love Eleanor x

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