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Five Things That Benefit Your Mental Health

We all know someone who has had trouble with their mental well being. Whether it’s ourselves or a loved one. Its said that around 25% of people in the UK will have some sort of mental health problem in their life time, although it could be higher. We all put an emphasis on taking care of our bodies, why not do the same for our minds?  It’s an issue that’s close to my heart. So here’s a run down of five natural things that I feel benefit my mind when I’m going through a rough time.

Get Active- I know, I know when you’re feeling down the last thing you want is to do some exercise. But hear me out… There’s a reason we’re encouraged to exercise and it’s not just all about our psychical health. It’s a well know fact that exercise releases endorphins- giving you a major mood uplift. Plus I personally get a sense of achievement from doing a workout. Which makes me feel better about myself. Of course if going to the gym ain’t your thing there’s loads of other choices out there. Bonus points for combining exercise and fresh air!

Take Time to Meditate- Now I’m not trying to claim that I’m any kind of expert on meditation or relaxation. Far from it, in fact. However when my anxiety and panic attacks got waaay out of hand a few years ago my doctor suggested giving meditation a try. And I can’t stress enough what a big help it was for me. There’s so many options out there to teach you basic meditation for free. Personally I love the mobile app Headspace as it talks you through it.

Do Something you Enjoy- We all have things we love to do that help us relax. Drawing, painting or taking photos all take my mind off things and just give me the opportunity to get creative. You might like making music, writing or getting involved in your favourite sport. Having some me time can be a major factor in helping us de-stress. Simply find an activity that you enjoy and take some time out to do it!

Have a Break from Social Media- This one is kind of a biggy for me. With people posting every detail of their lives on social media, its easy to feel as though yours doesn’t compare. Fear of missing out has become a real problem. If you’re going through a hard time, the last thing you want to see is images of others’ perfect lives. (Just a heads up- a hell of a lot of Instagram is staged!) Plus it ain’t a good idea to be preoccupied with how many likes/ followers/ friends you’re totting up. Maybe you spend way too much time on social media and it’s contributing to you feeling down? Whatever your situation, I think we can all benefit from going offline.

Spend Time with Others- Being around friends and family is one of the best things we can do for our well being. I can completely understand why people might avoid this as it’s something I do myself. But spending some quality time with those who make us feel good about ourselves rarely fails to lift our mood. Even if you have nothing good to say, they’re bound to have a story that will get you smiling. Plus you’ll leave knowing you have someone to feel thankful for.

What uplifts your mood? Please let me know your thoughts!

Love Eleanor x

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