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Leather Jacket- Topshop (similar) HERE

Top- Boohoo @ Asos

Jeans- Tally Weil (similar) HERE

Brogues- (similar) HERE 

Scarf- Topshop

I’m writing this post from the comfort of the swingy chair in my garden in sweltering 28 degree heat. Incredibly 2016s hottest day has fallen on my day away from the office, leaving me feeling pretty darn pleased with life. I’m also aware anyone reading this who is from outside the UK is probably thinking that our idea of a heat wave is a little pathetic.

Now I’ve been away from the blogging life for quite a few weeks (hence the inventive title of this post) but what I do know is we should all do more of what makes us happy. So I dug out these photos which  have needed editing for a good two months now and here we are. If I’m being really frank James and I are trying are best to save for some exciting adventures in the New Year and it’s sort of hard to blog about material things with no disposable income!

So these jeans and shoes were actually purchases I brought back from Crete with me and were both reasonably priced and very comfortable. But I have managed to search out similar items on ASOS for alternatives.  I’ve had just about enough of high waisted jeans lately so I invested in a few pairs of low rise denim which has been a really good decision. This Boohoo top was one of those holiday buys that I thought I’d never really wear again when I got home and so far I was right!  Although it does make me feel like an awesome Flamenco dancer so it still hangs  proudly in my wardrobe.


Love Eleanor x


  1. So so gorgeous Eleanor! That blouse is just amazing, such a cool piece! x

  2. Gosh, you just have the coolest style! Love the blouse and sneakers, it’s so cool! <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  3. I’m a bit late to the party (didn’t have internet these past days) but I’m glad to see a new post ! And I think that “real life” bloggers (I don’t know how to call it) – not the ones who are sponsored or rich – can’t show new items every day, I personally don’t buy something every week and I buy most of my clothes during sales or at garage sales, but that’s still interesting to see outfits even if it’s just one or two times a month. Anyway, love your post. And brogues.

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