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Month: April 2016

The Grey Knitted Dress

knitdress7knitdress10knitdress5knitdress8knitdress4knitdress11knitdress9knitdress12knitdress2knitdress3knitdressKnitted Dress- Primark

Leather Jacket- Topshop (similar) HERE

Trainers- Adidas HERE

Clutch- Topshop

Fluffy Hair Tie- Topshop

Sunglasses- H&M HERE

It’s currently freezing cold with on/off snow/ice balls flying down from the sky. But luckily I managed to get out yesterday and get a few snaps together for this post. Now here’s to hoping the doomsday sky clears up again soon…

I actually picked up this little knitted number in Primark (of all places) for an amazingly cheap £5. Yes I’m pretty pleased with myself. It reminds me of a grey knitted co-ord from Topshop last winter which was a very popular blogger outfit. I kinda wish I’d gone a few sizes up so it was a bit longer and oversize. For some reason I always think that makes an outfit look a bit edgier.

Can I also just give a special mention to this fluffy hair tie? I’ve had it for ages but never really worn it, mostly because I’m sure I’m not cool enough for that sort of thing. Let me know what you think? Yay or nay?

Love Eleanor x  



gardens2gardens6gardens10gardens9gardens8gardens gardens14gardens13gardens11gardens18gardens19gardens17A Sunday morning spent in Alnwick Gardens with James. I hadn’t been to the gardens since I was  much smaller but they still have that magical feel, some of the filming for Harry Potter was even done at nearby Alnwick Castle. We now have our sights set on the stunning treehouse as our future home… that’s achievable right?

Love Eleanor x


Topshop’s Camo Bomber Jacket

camo bomber camo bomber2 camo bomber4 camo bomber8camo bomber10camo bomber7camo bomber9camo bomber5camo bomber6Bomber Jacket- Topshop  HERE

Cropped Shirt- Miss Selfridge

Jeans- Asos (similar) HERE

Brogues- Zara (similar) HERE

Backpack- Zara (similar) HERE

After much deliberation I finally made a decision on which bomber jacket to purchase. I’ve been pining after the infamous ‘worn by Olivia Palermo’ Japan jacket for so long now. When the continuous disappointment of it going out of stock EVERY SINGLE TIME it came online became too much. I decided it was time to move on with my life…  And went for this albeit not as beautiful but pretty cool camo print bomber.  It’s special features include the fact that it’s pink so it’s not too masculine and it’s pretty for spring.

Yesterday I went for a mix-matched look but I wanted to do something you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see a bomber jacket with. I’d also like to give it a try over something a bit glam but so far I’ve mostly stuck to Joni jeans and trainers. Sometimes I take a bit of a risk and can’t say I’m happy with the results but I do really like these brogues paired with my kick flares. My cropped shirt had become one of those forgotten items in my wardrobe so it made a change to dig that out again too.

Love Eleanor x

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The Wanderlust Wishlist

South America_Argentina_Misiones_Iguassu Falls_Aerial View_Spray_ APT_3984_LLR1920x1440-brazil-travel-landscape-nature-hd-city-wallpapers1-672x372Peru_Machu_Picchu_Landscape-Leo_Tamburri_2010-IMGP1225_Derivative_Lg_RGBSouth America

If I was to take a few months away from everyday life to spend backpacking, South American would be my continent of choice. The varied vibrant culture, stunning landscapes and ancient history are all fascinating.  I’d love to spend some time in cities like Rio De Janeiro and Buenos Aires as well as see the beautiful scenery of Bolivia and Peru. Festival celebrations are supposedly epic. And then of course there’s the Amazon. Also if you wanted to volunteer as part of your trip there’s plenty of opportunity- I’d always go for the wildlife rescue!



I’m happy to be able to say that I’ll be visiting Santorini in the next few months. Although were not planning on staying on the Island (it’s pricey FYI) we will be taking a day trip. Its got to be one of the most sort after Greek holiday destinations especially for romantic getaways. When I had a look at hotels I could see why, some of them would make beautiful honeymoon stays. I hope that we get the chance to see some of the traditional Greek towns and volcanic beaches while were there.


I mean just look at these beaches! Cape Verde is made up of a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast. The flight time is only around 6 hours from the UK which seems completely worth it for the perfect relaxing beach holiday. It’s supposed to be unspoilt and have a unique mix of cultures.

Veix-Goodbye-New-York-Color-1200corporate-center-new-york_article_landscape_gt_1200_gridNew York 

I’ve got to admit that I’ve never been to the USA. Like alot of people, top of my list of must see US cities is New York. I don’t think it needs much explaining! James is also really keen to go back so I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that we’ll be visiting the Big Apple in the not too distant future.



Anyone who’s recently had to spend large amounts of time in my company will know that I’ve been banging on about going to Iceland for a while now. There’s just so much to see! The landscapes are so beautiful and I’d love nothing more than to catch the Northern lights. I feel like I spend my life jealous of anyone who’s just come back from Iceland….

What’s top of your dream travel destinations?

Love Eleanor x


The Bomber Jacket


Bomber Jacket- Primark

Top- Boohoo

Pinstripe Trousers- Topshop HERE

Bandana- Topman (similar) HERE

Trainers- Nike HERE

bomberjacket4bomberjacket5bomberjacket8bomberjacketI’m really not sure why but I just haven’t been feeling much love for blogging over the past few weeks. I know everyone feels uninspired from time to time but it’s not that I’m feeling let down by my wardrobe or anything it’s just the whole putting together of a blog post. Nothing seems to look right to me! Do you ever get that feeling?

I also feel like I’m in major need of a hair make over which isn’t helping either!

I put together this little look based around this bomber jacket I picked up in Primark last year and have only worn a handful of times really. I do kinda like it with my pin stripe trousers but the main star of the show here is these Nike cherry blossom Thea.  To be honest these photos just don’t do their pretty cherry blossom print justice. As I’m trying to keep them in pristine condition for my holiday they probably won’t be seeing the outdoors again for at least another 5 weeks! So it’s good to get them out for a practice run.

Love Eleanor x

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