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Sleek Highlighting Palette


Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette- Boots HERE

Let’s talk highlighters. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve always preferred highlighting way more than contouring. Maybe it’s because I love glowy glowy skin or maybe its down to my extreme paleness making contour look like weird oranges patches on my skin (no thanks!). Whatever the reason I love a good glow, especially for spring. So when I came across this little Sleek Solstice Palette in Boots I couldn’t resist it’s marbley goodness.

I’m a big Sleek fan anyway: I love their blushers, their packaging looks way pricier than it is, products come with a good sized mirror, they’re always super pigmented shades, all products are cruelty free … I could go on. So I’ve got to say after vigorous testing this is a new favourite of mine. It includes one cream highlighter (Ecliptic) one shimmer powder (Subsolar) and two baked powders (Hemisphere and Equinox). There’s also a brush included but honestly I never use the free brush so I can’t say that makes a lot of difference.

On the box Sleek suggest that you use the shades as follows: Ecliptic on the brow bone (I also used it on the inner corners of my eyes) Subsolar on the bridge of the nose, Hemisphere on the cheekbones and Equinox on the cupid’s bow. In reality the shades are a lot more pigmented than on camera and the individual colours really come through. My personal favourite is probably Subsolar (on my nose). Although I do really like the creamy texture of Ecliptic too which works really well for highlighting the corner of your eyes. Have you tried any Sleek products? Thoughts?

Love Eleanor x

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  1. I’m definitely more of a highlighter than a contour-er. No matter what the occasion, I will ALWAYS highlight! Sub solar looks like the prettiest highlighter among the four, perhaps that cause I’m in need of a shimmery white highlighter.

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  2. I love a good highlighter, this one looks amazing!

    Aine Oh

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