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The Sweater of Dreams

sweatshirt8 sweatshirtsweatshirt2sweatshirt7sweatshirt4sweatshirt5sweatshirt9 sweatshirt10Sweatshirt- Topshop HERE, Trousers- Topshop HERE, Bag- Topshop, Trainers- Adidas HERE

I don’t know why I used the word ‘sweater’ in this post title, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not American but let’s go with it…

Now I was in two minds about whether to upload these photos because it was a VERY windy day when we took them and I’m not feeling the squinty eyes/ hair all over my face look I’ve got going on. But I do like this little outfit so why not? You may recognise these pinstripe trousers from a very different outfit we photographed recently but I sort of love them dressed down with this colour block sweatshirt too. The sweatshirt itself brings me all kinds of happiness and makes me feel like I’ve stepped back into the 90s- this is always a good thing.

Love Eleanor x

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  1. After studying abroad, I’ve said jumper a few times unintentionally and I have some friends who always give me a hard time about it since I’m clearly American haha. Love the leopard print combined with the color blocking!

    Via Sora

  2. such a good outfit!! love it sports chic vibes
    love your style, following you !!

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