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Month: February 2016

Stars and Stripes

sweatpants2 sweatpantssweatpants4 sweatpants3 sweatpants7sweatpants6sweatpants9 sweatpants8 sweatpants10Sweatpants- Adidas (similar) HERE, Jumper- Topshop, Heels- Office, Fur clutch- Topshop,

Watch- Casio HERE

I’m going to lay my cards out. When I can’t be bothered- which equates to the majority of the time, I’m a tiny bit addicted to wearing sweatpants. Most days. I stole James’ sweatpants so much that he went out and bought me my own smaller version. It didn’t stop me… Anyway I’ve been seeing a lot of Gigi Hadid in hers recently, even to go clubbing. So I had a thought- can they ever be acceptable for none lazy day wear?

This isn’t a look for everyone, for example James didn’t get this look. He was all like why don’t you just wear it with trainers? *Confused boy face*. However, I’ve been doing a lot of obsessing over heels and sweatpants on Pinterest. It’s one of those things you can’t really get away with wearing in real life, but a lot of bloggers make it look cool. I reckon I need one of those really chunky chain chokers to balance out all the black but I’ve got to say I don’t hate it.. Thoughts?

Love Eleanor x

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Zara’s Incredible Silver Brogues

silver shoes3

silver shoes7 silver shoes10

silver shoes6silver shoessilver shoes8silver shoes12silver shoes9silver shoes13silver shoes11silver shoes5silver shoes2Brogues- Zara (similar) HERE, Jeans- Miss Selfridge, Coat- Topshop, Shirt- Topshop (similar) HERE, Earrings – Topshop (similar) HERE

Let me start off by saying these aren’t the shoes for a wallflower. Since I bought them I’ve discovered that they’re one of those love- hate items… I’ve had a lot of compliments and a lot of WTF stares. Thanks people. But with all their boyish charm and shiny shininess (that’s an actual real word FYI) they’ve become one of my favourites.

Yesterday I went for a bit of an 80s look- all oversize masculine tailoring, costume jewellery and mom jeans. Miss Selfridge do describe these jeans as boyfriend but I reckon they’re more of a mom fit? That’s why I bought them anyway.

But yeah the 80s appears to be making a comeback AGAIN…. Thoughts on this?

Love Eleanor x

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The Sweater of Dreams

sweatshirt8 sweatshirtsweatshirt2sweatshirt7sweatshirt4sweatshirt5sweatshirt9 sweatshirt10Sweatshirt- Topshop HERE, Trousers- Topshop HERE, Bag- Topshop, Trainers- Adidas HERE

I don’t know why I used the word ‘sweater’ in this post title, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not American but let’s go with it…

Now I was in two minds about whether to upload these photos because it was a VERY windy day when we took them and I’m not feeling the squinty eyes/ hair all over my face look I’ve got going on. But I do like this little outfit so why not? You may recognise these pinstripe trousers from a very different outfit we photographed recently but I sort of love them dressed down with this colour block sweatshirt too. The sweatshirt itself brings me all kinds of happiness and makes me feel like I’ve stepped back into the 90s- this is always a good thing.

Love Eleanor x

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Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas


  1. Calvin Klein Underwear HERE. Because Calvin Klein undies are always a good gift idea- I like the girl’s ones, he likes the boy’s ones. It’s pretty self explanatory.
  2. Tom Dixon Candle HERE. It’s a universally recognised fact that men like scented candles even more than we do. I thought this one looked pretty masculine for a scented candle AND it’s called Fire.
  3. Adidas Gazelle Trainers HERE. Trainers can be a tricky gift as everyone likes something different. However, I think that these cater to most tastes and are a lovely Valentine’s burgundy colour.
  4. Adidas Originals Sweatshirt HERE. I chose this sweatshirt mainly because it’s the sort of thing I’d like to ‘borrow’ if James owned it, so it’s a present for both parties really.
  5. Casio Watch HERE. A watch seems to be a really popular gift idea for your significant other. This one caught my eye because it’s affordable, stylish and I just happen to own the lady version….
  6. Knomo Knomad Air Tablet Case HERE. I recently discovered that Ipad/ Tablet cases make an excellent present. In-keeping with the Valentine’s spirit, this one is red and a little bit fancy.
  7.  Tattoo Book HERE. Something for those sort of guys who like a)tattoos and b)coffee table books.
  8. Creed Aventus Aftershave HERE. Aftershave is always a winner- Creed is probably the tastiest one around.  I’m no good at describing scents but I can say that this is totally worth the hefty price tag!

Love Eleanor x

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The Little Ditsy Dress


ditsydress2 ditsydress6ditsydress3ditsydress4 ditsydress8ditsydress11ditsydress9 ditsydress12 ditsydress13Dress- Topshop, Leather Jacket- Topshop (similar) HERE, Boots- Zara, Necklace- H&M

So we all know that it looks like all I do is hang around botanical gardens taking photos of myself in my spare time. But I shall explain… I like indoor gardens (in winter mostly) for the following reasons: 1. There’s no rain or wind 2. It’s warm and 3. It actually looks like there’s sunlight. And there we have three excellent and very logical reasons why I’m back here again- taking photos of myself.

On another note, when I uploaded these photos to my computer it was one of those ‘whoaaa where did those thighs come from?’ moments. I haven’t been attempting any exercise so this is all fat people. However despite making my thighs look kinda chunky this dress does make my waist look small so every cloud….. I’m going to blame the fact that it’s from Topshop’s petite range so is probably too short for me anyway. I’m just not one of those people who can walk away from the £10 bargain rail empty handed though. I’ve just thrown it on with my very well loved leather jacket as I’m in the process of moving all of my stuff back down to Newcastle (yay!). If I’d had more choices though, I’d probably have went for a denim jacket with it. Keep it casual- you know?

Love Eleanor x


A Very Blustery Homecoming


printdress8printdress9printdress4printdress5Denim Jacket- Asos similar HERE, Dress- Topshop, Boots- Stone Fox HERE

 So here I am back in my hometown and back to old habits… stealing my brother’s clothes. Although I find there’s something I can’t quite resist about going through a boys wardrobe (my boyfriend suffers the same treatment) and claiming a few pieces as my own. I managed to be honest on this occasion and return this jacket to it’s owner but there’s always next time- just sayin’.

Anyway I think it kinda worked as a throw on piece over this little retro print Topshop dress and OTK boots. If you’ve read my blog before it’ll be obvious that I’d live in this sort of outfit if I could. This dress though- £10! And come summer I’ll be able to wear it not layered over a roll neck which will be infinitely cuter.

Love Eleanor x