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Pinstripe Trousers

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Shirt- Topshop Similar HERE, Pinstripe trousers- Topshop HERE, Boots- Primark, Scarf- Zara, Clutch Similar HERE– Topshop, Coat- Topshop (old)

Happy Saturday! Welcome to another windy winter blog post. I’ve been out and about in my new pinstripe trousers this afternoon. I reckon I haven’t worn pinstripe anything since I was in secondary school. It’s funny how trends return several years later and were all like OMG I forgot how much I love those trousers!! Well that’s how I feel about these anyway. The extra bonus is that these are super high waisted as oppose to the low slung ones that just showed the tops of our underwear in the noughties (cringe) …..  Topshop also do these in black if you want to satisfy your inner goth- I was tempted.

I’m also a little bit in love with this blouse I picked up a while ago. Well it is covered in little lollipop hearts so who can blame me? I wore it on Christmas day with a gold skirt but its super cute for work as well.

Love Eleanor x


  1. This is such a cool outfit! You look stunning Eleanor, so gorgeous x

  2. I’m obsessed with the pattern on your shirt, and the pinstripe pants! I never would’ve thought of putting this together because I’m not adventurous enough, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. Amazing as always!

    Via Sora

  3. Love the shirt and high-waist pants!

    Heba xx || The Heba

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