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Five Favourite Bloggers of 2015

I’m starting 2016 off with a little blogger love.  I’ve followed some of these blogs for a long time (wayyy before I even thought of starting my own!) and some only for the last year or so. For 2015, they’re some of my favourites, although it was hard to choose as I have plenty more.

The Little Magpie


Amy from The Little Magpie has a wardrobe of dreams … IMO anyways. She always looks perfectly put together and gives me some great ideas for photo locations in my local area- who’d have known there were stylish bloggers in this town? Her travel posts are stunning so be prepared for a major case of wanderlust when reading her blog!

Hannah Louise Fashion


Hannah has that talent (that most of us don’t- sob!) of always looking super cool in all outfit posts. I love her awesome shots of inner city London and make up looks which are perfect for pale girls. Plus I’m not gonna lie I’ve got serious hair envy…

The Lovecats Inc4565fbdcc041b57c1ff80ffdcdad6597

I mostly go to The Lovecats Inc for make up and beauty posts. Helen has such a gorgeous make up collection and really seems to know her stuff. There’s also some great advice posts in the past year too offering some really helpful tips for bloggers. She’s a successful blogger from my hometown too which is pretty cool!

Charissa RaeDUNG4-2

Charissa is another one of my favourite North Eastern bloggers.  One of my go to blogs for lifestyle posts and reviews of bars/ restaurants in my hometown- who doesn’t love a good food based blog post? Plus she’s super stylish too!

What Olivia Did…612bd15024a88f319b957c45feed16aa

I love Olivia’s city guides; she has some great ideas of things to do especially in London. Her photography is always on point and she has super cute outfit posts too.  I also really rate her Youtube channel!

Let me know some of your favourites as I’d love to check out some new blogs for the the new year.

Love Eleanor x


  1. Amy Amy

    Ah that’s so lovely, thank you for featuring me – some of my favourite ladies right there too! x

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