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Month: October 2015

Five Fright Night Favourites

Happy Halloween! I’m pleased to say that the best holiday is upon us. We’ve been doing a little pumpkin carving this morning to keep them ghosties at bay. Can you guess which one is mine? As you can see we also came across a super realistic live bat out in the garden today… 
I’ll be out to see Catfish and the Bottleman tonight but if I didn’t have tickets I’d be having a good old fright night. Plenty of snacks and scary movies. If you happen to be doing just that tonight and are stuck for a little inspiration here’s a few of my favourites.
1. The Descent 2005 I only watched this one recently even though it’s been out a while. All about a group of women who get hunted through an underground cave network and are picked off one by one by those who lurk there. Pretty gory stuff!
2. Carrie 1976 As with with most horror films, the original is always the best! The Wicker Man, The Omen and Carrie… Carrie is an unpopular teen with telekinetic powers. Her life is made miserable by everyone around her until one day she loses control. 
3. Creep 2004 A woman gets trapped in the London underground overnight and soon finds out she’s not alone. I find this so incredibly creepy which is kinda the point…
4. The Conjuring 2013 Haunted house films are my favourite! The Conjuring is all about a family in their possessed farm house. I prefer it over other recent horror movies like Insidious and The Cabin in the Woods. 
5. American Horror Story 2011- If all else fails why not opt for an AHS marathon? My top seasons are Murder House and Asylum but Hotel is shaping up to be pretty awful too…

What are your Halloween recommendations? 
Much Love xxx

Date Night at Lane 7

I’ve finally (and sadly) made my return to Scotland. Despite feeling the need to spend the whole weekend crying into my quilt (noooooo I don’t want to go back to work on Monday!) and mourn the loss of my time in Newcastle, I will get some time to catch up on blogging. And tell you all about a few of my adventures back home. 
One of our adventures happens to be our date night of bowling at Lane 7. Now I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve only ever popped into Lane 7 for a drink. There was a big fuss about Newcastle’s first boutique bowling alley opening (I got that bit off their website) but I just never got round to giving it a try. 
We paid £6 each for a game and then an extra fiver for a rematch as I had just been er warming up… I did win in the end honest. There’s just no photographic evidence to prove it! Anyway I thought the price was pretty reasonable for an evening’s entertainment and the drinks were pretty good too. There’s also loads of other things to have a go at if you’re not into bowling- a restaurant, pool and beer pong which is pretty awesome in an American college sort of way! 

Much Love xxx

OOTD // Summer Dress Layering

// Dress- Topshop / Roll neck- Primark / Boots- Office / Hat- Dorothy Perkins // 

Who doesn’t like a bit of layering for Autumn? Maybe I just like an excuse to wear roll necks every single day- that’s probably it if were honest! But it is the perfect way to update a summer dress. Like this pretty midi dress I picked up in the Topshop sale. £20 well spent if you ask me. I’m really loving the mirrored botanical print, it reminds me of William Morris- that’s me showing my knowlege. It’s actually not as limited as it seems. 
On another note how cute are these little studded western boots? They’ll be great for work I reckon as they’re so so comfy. 

PS I’m thinking about moving my blog over to WordPress. Does anyone use it? Is it a good idea to make the move? 
Much Love xxx 

WISHLIST // ASOS Autumn Shoes

Because it’s Sunday. And it’s nearly pay day. And I just like shopping. Enjoy! 

Much Love xxx 

OOTD // The Faux Fur Scarf

// Scarf- Missguided / Sleeveless jacket- Boohoo / Shirt & Jeans- Topshop / Boots- New Look / Fedora- Primark // 

Hey everyone! I’ve been hanging out in the local park taking outfit snaps again. It seems like I’m becoming a bit of a regular. The joggers don’t seem overly impressed by this. Today I’ve dug out a few of my favourites from last year’s wardrobe. This fluffy scarf and fedora are still some of my staples this year. Although I’ve got to say I think I wear them better now. Here’s last years post- let me know which you prefer! 

My Topshop Binx jeans and shirt are more recent additions to my wardrobe. I’m a little in love with both of them and can’t quite believe I picked the shirt up for £3! Yes there are SOME perks to working in retail… I’ll probably put together a post on how I style it sometime soon. 
I’ll be back in my home town tomorrow evening so expect lots of Newcastle based posts coming to a blog near you soon (that’s this blog of course!) . 

Much Love xxx 

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OOTD // Topshop Little House on the Prairie Dress

// Dress- Topshop / Boot- Stone Fox / Fedora- Primark / Bag- Dorothy Perkins // 

I don’t know if this dress was strictly designed with The Little House on the Prairie in mind, that’s just something I thought up all on my own. I can just imagine the design process at Topshop HQ … But you can’t deny that it’s super cute and goes great with a fedora for an Autumnal look. I’ve paired it with these OTK boots and my Dorothy Perkins bag (that I’ve become slightly obsessed with) and I was good to go frolicking in the leaves at the park. Because that’s how we all spend our leisure time in Autumn obviously…  

Much Love xxx

OOTD // The 70s Top

// Top-New Look / Skirt- H&M / Boots- New Look / Hat & Bag- Dorothy Perkins //

It’s taken me a little while to upload this outfit post- I wore this way back a few weeks ago when I was in Edinburgh. That’s why the street looks so much more picturesque than my usual back drop! 
Anyway I got this top in the New Look sale and I do love the wide sleeves. However I feel I need to point out that when it arrived 1. It didn’t have a New Look label in it, it was some sparkly label that I can’t read and 2. I wore it once and the tassels fell off!  Shows me for trying to save a few pennies! I am a bit obsessed with these patchwork snakeskin boots though- maybe you redeemed yourself after all New Look… 

Much Love xxx  

A Few Days In Edinburgh

Last weekend we headed South for a few days away. I read a lot of blogs where bloggers write that they’ve never been to Scotland or they’ve never even thought about visiting Edinburgh. I think so many people are missing out, it really is one of the prettiest UK cities.

Dakota Edinburgh 
We stayed at the Dakota just outside of Edinburgh in South Queensferry. James had stayed here before and was really keen to take me there. The reception and restaurant looked really cool, although we went into Edinburgh for dinner so we didn’t give it a try. I really liked the decor in our room and the ‘atmospheric’ mood lighting. We also had a beautiful view of the Forth Bridge!

We took the train into central Edinburgh for the evening. There’s actually a Boozy Cow in Aberdeen but neither of us had tried it so we decided to give it a go. It was super busy as it was a Friday night and we got some cocktails while we waited. They’re served in old tins and came with flying saucers and lollies- points for sweetie usage! I went for the veggie macaroni burger and sweet potato fries which were so good. James went for a macaroni waffle topped with chilli- sounds a bit strange but he really liked it. 

They also had inspirational quotes spray painted on the cubicle doors in the toilets. I probably looked slightly insane taking photos in the toilet- but you know sorry not sorry. 

The waitress advised us to go to this little bar just off Princes Street. Hoot The Redeemer is just a short trip down a flight of stairs and through a hidden door with a fortune teller guarding it – yes really! It’s a pretty cool little bar and you can create your own cocktail using the lucky dip claw machine. You pick your flavour- we got two raspberry and two ginger. Then you go to the bar and tell them what sort of drink you like and they’ll make something up. I loved this idea and it made a change from just picking from the menu. 

Brunch the next morning involved coffee and Eggs Royale from Brown’s. One of my favourites! You can also see that we started using my new lens- it gets some pretty awesome close ups but I’m still needing to work on using it. 

We finished our trip with cupcakes from Bibi’s. I’d really recommend a trip to this place if you’re ever in the city. They do amazing cupcakes or macaroons if that’s what you prefer!

Have you ever visited Edinburgh? Let me know what you thought. 

Much Love xxx  


OOTD // Blue Suit Trousers

// Trousers- Dorothy Perkins / Jumper- Topshop / Boots- New Look / Bag & Hat- Dorothy Perkins / Necklace – Boohoo// 

I was going to leave this outfit post for later in the week but I just got a bit over excited and had to upload it today. The reason being- I got a new toy! James bought me a new lens for my camera while we were away in Edinburgh (it was supposed to be a birthday present but its only a little early!). The girl who served us in John Lewis really knew her stuff and as I was going to buy one for twice the price we thought lets just go for it. I’m actually so so pleased with the results that I couldn’t wait to share it. Were still learning (obviously) but I can already see such a change in the quality of my photos. 

I’m also feeling pretty proud of my recent sale finds in Dorothy Perkins- these trousers for example were only £8. Who knew Dorothy Perkins were so cool? I’m really loving them paired with these snakeskin boots but I also think they’d look great with a pair of Adidas and an oversize white shirt. 

I’ll be posting a little photo diary of our trip to Edinburgh in the next few days, which may or may not involve a lot of photos of food…. 

Much Love xxx

Homemade Pizzas

I’m a huge pizza addict. I would probably eat it every day if that was plausible and not a bit er rank… So a few weeks ago we had a go at making our own ‘custom’ designed pizzas. We had a go at using the Just Rol pizza bases which come with 2 bases and a handy little pot of sauce meaning all we had to buy was our cheese and toppings. I think we went a bit over board with our variety of toppings but it was one of those mad let’s buy everything in the supermarket sort of trips. 
Now I’m sure that these pizza bases didn’t cook properly. We left them in for nearly twice the cooking time and I’m still convinced they were a bit uncooked in the middle. James didn’t agree, he ate all of his. I think this sort of worries me. At least no one died eh…..
PS By the time this post goes up I’ll be on my way to Edinburgh for the weekend. I’ll hopefully have a little photo diary up next week sometime because I’m definitely guilty of snooping on getaway posts! 

Much Love xxx