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Month: September 2015

OOTD // 70s Kickflares

// Kickflares- Miss Selfridge / Top- New Look / Boots- Miss Selfridge / Jacket- Topshop (old) / Sunglasses- H&M // 

I’ve been umming and ahhhing about flares for a while now- I’m still not 100% convinced I can pull them off if I’m honest! But after many days of uncertainty I just decided let’s give them a try because you never know how you really feel about something unless you give it a proper chance… or something like that … 
These are a pair of kick flares meaning they fit my legs and then flare out which is kinda more flattering. I could only get them in petite, meaning I don’t have to wear super high heels to avoid trailing them all over the floor! Now all I need is a pair of chunky 70s platforms and were good to go. I’m fancying the burgundy pair from ASOS I dunno about you? 

Much Love xxx 


OOTD // Miss Selfridge Wide Leg Jumpsuit

// Jumpsuit- Miss Selfridge / Shoes- Zara via Ebay // Headband- Boohoo / Jacket- Topshop (old) // 

Hey Everybody! I feel like it’s been a while- maybe because in real life I wore this outfit wayyyy back last week and it has actually taken me this long to blog about it! I’d basically been eyeing this jumpsuit up for quite a while- it’s so seventies and boho (in my mind that’s win win). And then it went into the sale and then I had a work night out so it was like I HAD to get it. I think that’s what you call fate. 
Anyway I wore it with this sparkly headband that I bought for when I was going to Ibiza. I thought I’d never wear it again but have I proved myself wrong or what? These shoes are also the most painful pair I think I’ve ever owned but I just can’t part with them. I think it’s because they’re so shiny and it’s difficult to get rid of anything that’s shiny. In my opinion anyway….. 

Much Love xxx 

OOTD // The Return of the OTK Boots

// Boots- Stone Fox / Coat- ASOS / Jumper- Mango / Skirt- Topshop //

It’s that time of year again…Yeah it’s finally OK for the OTK boots to resurface without just looking like a lady of the night who can’t seem to manage dressing for the seasons! I’ll be taking this opportunity to stomp about in them as often as possible- this pair have a very stompy pair of heels if you’re confused. 
I can’t get enough of this button down skirt either. I feel at this point I could wear it everyday for a month and never get bored and I’m totally OK with that! Also blue on blue- pretty awesome…. 

Much Love xxx

WISHLIST // ASOS Autumn Jackets

What are Sundays for if not working on your ASOS wishlist? I’ve gathered quite a few new items today. With the change of season there’s no better time to put together a list of my favourite Autumn coats/ jackets. I’m on the look out for something fluffy- no change from any other year then! But my favourite has to be the suede shearling number. Let me know which you like best! 
Also you may have noticed my new blog title- I designed it all by myself using my Illustrator skills so I’m feeling a little proud (don’t point out that it’s rubbish ha!) 

Much Love xxx


// Culottes- Boohoo*/ Jumper- Topshop / Boots- Miss Selfridge / Fedora- Primark //

Autumn has always been my favourite season. I dunno whether it’s because I’m and October baby, my excitement for Halloween and Bonfire night or that we can finally start uttering the amazing ‘C’ word… That’s Christmas in case there’s any confusion. Yes it is OK to think about Christmas in September! So when Boohoo asked if I’d like to take part in their #WeAreReady campaign I was happy to get involved. 
I love all sorts of Autumn staples- heavy knits and wide brim hats anyone? But I’m especially loving suede this year… I’ll probably make a collection of an entire suede outfit by the time December rolls around, starting with these amazing wide leg culottes. They look great paired with heeled ankle boots but I’ve also worn them with my fave Adidas for a cool laid back look. You can check them out along with a huge selection of others HERE on Boohoo.  
I finished my outfit shoot off with my first hot chocolate of the season- with all the trimmings of course. Because Autumn is an excuse for that too … right?

Much Love xxx

Baking Salted Caramel Brownies

Hey Everybody! Just a quick one tonight as I really really wanted to share the marvel that is our homemade salted caramel brownies. I won’t write out the full recipe because well er we just stole it from BBC Food but this is the LINK if you’d like to give them a go too. Also just a word of warning…. ‘Someone’ possibly named James threw a heap load of extra salt in the mix. I wouldn’t recommend trying that at home. A pinch is enough, seriously! 

Much Love xxx



OOTD // Topshop Suede Vest

//Top- Topshop / Jeans- Topshop / Jacket- Topshop (old) / Boots & Hat- Primark / Belt- Zara / Watch- Olivia Burton//


I know, I know I’ve been going a little heavy on the Topshop lately. My excuse is… well I don’t really have one. But I can say that I found this little suede top in the sale for a tenner which is kind of awesome. I’ll probably layer it up over a shirt for Autumn- inspired by a Youtube styling video I watched! I love it when a plan comes together. I also picked up these Binx jeans. I don’t  think they’re available in this wash anymore but I found a pair hanging about in my local store and snapped them up- I’d been wanting them for a while.
I’m finding it more difficult to get outfit photos these days, Autumn has officially descended on Scotland. We just managed to get these before the rain started. But I’ll try my best! 

Much Love xxx