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Month: May 2015

OOTD // Summer Tassels

// Dress- Forever 21/ Leggings- Topshop (similar)/ Waistcoat & Mules- Primark/ Sunglasses- H&M (similar) // 
Last weekend we visited a place called Haddo House. It was a beautiful day and it was a kind of perfect place to get a few photos. I think these have come out with a really pretty British summer feel. It reminds me of having Pimms and Strawberries in the park e.g one of the best most Britishest things to do ever! 
I’m not convinced about my outfit.. I bought the crochet waistcoat on a whim as it cost like £12 and apparently these days I just like to throw money away on things I’m not really sure about. I don’t think I’d wear it again but hey that’s the beauty of throw away fashion… Don’t worry I’ll donate it to charity- I’m not that wasteful!
Much Love xxx 

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Ibiza Wishes

I’m not completely sure if I’ve mentioned this (ok maybe a FEW times!) but I’m off to Ibiza next month! As I’m super duper excited- obviously right? I’ve put together a little ‘if I had some money’ wishlist… The Triangl bikini is probably the first thing I’d go for if I had the spare cash lying around. The Air Max maybe aren’t specifically for holiday but everyone needs comfortable footwear on the plane! Also I’m a bit obsessed with the colour…

I’m going to be moving house before I go away so may disappear from the internet for a few weeks. But if you like you can follow me on Instagram HERE as I’m always posting bits! 

Let me know your holiday plans! 

Much Love xxx

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OOTD // H&M Leather Mini

// Top- River Island (similar)/ Skirt- H&M (similar)/ Boots- Office/ Headscarf- H&M (similar)/ Sunglasses- Topshop/ Watch- Olivia Burton// 

I was lucky enough to have a visit from my Mam this weekend. I always think that it’s important to spend time with my family whenever I get the chance since I moved away so I’ve been avoiding the internet over the last few days. We did manage to get some outfit photos… which mostly involved my Mam learning to use my camera, she’s done pretty well for the first try right? 
This H&M skirt is one of my current favourites, I’d wear it most days if I didn’t have to er wash it… I’ve also had this (among many) silky headscarf for years and years but I’m sort of loving it right now. Maybe I’m going through a bit of a 2010 throwback. 

What’s your favourite throwback trend? 

Much Love xxx
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OOTD // Topshop Leather Jacket

// Jacket- Topshop (similar) / Shirt- New Look (old)/ Jeans- Zara (similar) / Shoes- Office (similar) / Sunglasses- H&M// 

This week I came to the conclusion that it had been way too long since I had worn my beloved Topshop leather jacket and Zara boyfriend jeans. So I had the idea to wear them together… I think they make me feel at home more than anything in my wardrobe and I just feel that I haven’t been giving them enough love lately. I’ve also got to express my obsession with these mirrored sunnies- they make me look so much cooler than I actually am which is always a good feeling. 
What are your most beloved items? 

Much Love xxx  

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OOTD // Gothic Summer

// Dress- Boohoo/ Floral crown & Necklace- Primark// Watch- Olivia Burton/ Boots- Zara (sold out) // 

How amazing is this floral crown from Primark? I think I only paid about £4 for it and it actually looks pretty pricey even close up… It’s going to be perfect for my holiday or maybe  a festival if that’s more your summer thing? They had loads of colours when I bought this one so I think I’ll make a little collection. I think it adds a bit of summer to my otherwise gothic outfit. I bought this dress ages ago but haven’t really worn it yet. I’m not 100% convinced about it as I kinda think it looks like I’m wearing a tent! 

Much Love xxx

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Current Favourites // Nude Ombre Lips

Ok, so this might be a bit of a throw back to last year’s 90s trend but I really adore this make up look right now. I was inspired by one of the girls at my local MAC store who recommended trying this lip liner against my favourite nude lipstick. I had been trying to get my hands on a liner in Subculture– it’s more of a Kylie Jenner shade so when she offered me something so dark I was a bit confused! 
To create this look, I start off by lining my lips and filling the majority of them in with liner except the centre. I then layer the lipstick and liner until I get a graduated shade. To finish I go around the shape of my mouth again so its pretty easy. I’ve tried to keep the rest of my make up super simple as this is such a bold look. You can even see my freckles as my base is so light. 

What’s your favourite lip product right now? 

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OOTD // Hollister White Jeans

//Jeans- Hollister (similar)/ Shirt-Primark (old)/ Shoes- Zara (similar)/ Headchain- Topshop (similar)// 
I’ve got to admit I’m one of these people who can’t help but keep growing their jeans collection. It’s gotten to a point where I have an unhealthy amount of denim in my wardrobe and it just keeps getting worse! Luckily denim is really big this season- now I’ve gotten my hands on the perfect pair of white jeans I only have a denim dress, flared dungarees and oversized shirt left on my list to find. Maybe I’m developing a problem… 
How do you feel about the denim trend? 

Much Love xxx

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CURRENT FAVOURITES // Hollister Beach Mist

I just wanted to share something a little different today. Recently I’ve fallen completely in love with these body sprays from Hollister. Now can I just say that previously Hollister would have never normally been a store that I would consider shopping at but recently I’ve actually been buying a  lot more bits and pieces from there- I blame my friend Natasha! If you’re interested their jeans are an awesome fit and so comfortable. 
Anyway onto the body sprays… You can pick these up for £11 each which is  a little pricey for body sprays but they do 3 for £24 (I think!) in store. I’m one of those people who is totally clueless when describing scents so I’m just going to use their online descriptions. Basically these are all really fresh and fruity and conjure up ideas of a beach holiday. 
Let me know what you think of Hollister or you’ve tried any of these! 
Much Love xxx

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OOTD // H&M Floppy Hat

// Dress- Forever 21/ Hat- H&M (similar) / Boots- Zara (similar)/ Watch- Olivia Burton (similar)/ Hand chain- Primark// 

I’m going to be honest… It’s way too cold in Scotland to wear this outfit outdoors right now. But I have been waiting a long time to wear this dress. I bought it along with a few other summery bits from Forever 21. I’d probably wear it paired with sandals for my holiday- it’s really light weight so it’ll be coming to Ibiza with me. I do love these Zara booties too though. For £20 you can’t really go wrong! 

Have a lovely evening!

Much love xxx 

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OOTD// Monochrome and Dungarees

// Dungarees- M&S (old)/ Top- F&F (similar)/ Boots- Office // 

When I edit outfit photos I can always tell by the look on my face how frustrated I was at the time… you can probably guess that this wasn’t a good day! How moody do I look? 

Anyway can I just take a moment to express how much I love these boots? I got them in the Office sale and although they’re big clumpy chelsea boots they somehow remind me of the 60s. I also love anything that makes me look tall and these make me about 4 inches taller- win. 

Much Love xxx

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