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current make up bag favourites

Can I start off by saying my everyday favourite products do change from time to time. I’m definitely one of those people who can get bored and/or distracted by something new and shiny. But currently, right now, during the time of January/ February this is what I’m using most often. I’ve also done a pin up inspired look using this lot and a few other products obviously… my skin is not THAT great… 

Bobbi Brown concealer has been in my make up bag for several months now and I’ve got to say I absolutely adore it. I was previously using Benefit’s Boing but Bobbi Brown’s coverage is  amazing. Also it’s really good if you have dry skin as it’s very creamy. 
My Mam bought me the Clinique High Impact Mascara for Christmas but I only got round to trying it out last month. I have heard Youtubers and bloggers talk about it for ages and since trying it I’ve got to say I’m glad I got more than one tube of this for Christmas. The thing I like about it is it leaves my lashes really soft which some of my other favourite mascaras don’t. 
I’m making a conscious effort to use liquid liner, mostly because of portability- hence the addition of MAC Superslick Liner to my make up bag. 
I love my Naked Basics palette because it’s compact enough to carry everywhere; the shades are also really versatile. Although I actually STILL haven’t bought the Naked Basics 2 so it may be replaced in the near future. 
NARS Jungle Red is more of a summer colour (it is nearly Spring  though). However I love an orangey red and find it really flattering against pale skin- it warms up my complexion. Also It doesn’t dry my lips out. AT ALL. Bonus! 
Until recently I was convinced I couldn’t use foundation as I have really dry, sensitive skin. I’ve actually used tinted moisturisers or serums for years. If you’re having a similar problem I’d really say give MAC Mineralize a go. I was unsure about it having a dewy finish at first but it doesn’t appear shiny and works really well under their Studio Fix Powder if you want to go matt.

PHEW that was a long post… Please let me know your current favourites! Much Love xxx 


  1. Love this makeup look on you, especially the lipstick! I really want to try the Bobbi Brown concealer you've used x

    Always, Alice x

  2. ooh so many great bits! love your makeup too

    from helen at

  3. I too have heard a lot about that Clinique mascara, might have to pick it up to try soon. Love that lipstick shade on you, what a stunning shade!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. Beautiful makeup! It's never too early for a bright lip, I've started bringing my brighter colours out lately as well xx

    Love and Marmalade

  5. Love NARS! I don't have that particular shade, but the pigmentation and wear on them is so great!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  6. aww, the picture of you…I used to have exactly the same nackless when I was a kid and I lost it permanently
    but this just remind me of it <3
    (PS, u looks beautiful xo)

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