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Month: February 2015

you’re just someone new I don’t want to talk to

// Culottes- Asos (similar)/ Jumper- Topshop (similar) / Boots- Primark//

I wish I could dress this effortlessly all of the time. There’s something about odd proportions in outfits that just make you feel cooler somehow. I bought these culottes in the Asos sale last summer and am really pleased that the weather is finally looking up. I can go out in them without my ankles getting cold! I think they’ll be one of those purchases that you’re always happy you found. My ombre is also more ginger- I’m not sure I like it or am planning on going dark again. What do you reckon? 
Much Love xxx 

eleanor's adventures.



// 1. Outfit post- my Stan Smiths and pyjama style pants 
2. Sidney looking mega unimpressed 
3. Blog post all about my Zoeva brushes
4. Outfit of the day, wearing my hareem trousers //

// 1. Hot chocolate and valentines marshmallows nom 
2. Bomber jacket and winged liner 
3. Outfit of the day
4. Blog post- my Olivia Burton watch // 

I feel like I’ve posted way too many photos of myself on Instagram this week. Even my cat looks upset by this…. I’m really pleased by how many posts I’ve managed to get up though. I’ve started trying to schedule them- when I’m not being lazy which I think makes things work better. 
Hope you’ve had a wonderful Monday! Much Love xxx

eleanor's adventures.


burgundy fluff

// Coat- Primark/ Dress- Topshop/Boots- Stone Fox/ Scarf- Missguided/ Watch- Olivia Burton (similar)//

Happy Sunday! I dug these photos up from a few weeks back-  I currently have a backlog of outfit posts that just haven’t been going up. My Olivia Burton watch is currently being fixed as it was already not keeping the time when I bought it. This makes me really really sad. I couldn’t find it on their website but have managed to find another navy/rose gold one. Although it doesn’t have all the little faces- sob! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. 
Much Love xxx

eleanor's adventures.


an ode to hareem trousers

// Hat- Urban Outfitters/ Shirt- H&M/ Trousers- Topshop/ Boots- Primark// 

I’m trying really really hard not to spend any money over the next few months. I have lots of saving to do to try and fund my Summer adventures. So be prepared to see lots of old clothes recycling. Thant’s also why I have no links to provide- sorry! These trousers for example must be five years old- can anyone remember that Summer when everyone went insane for hareem pants? Well that’s how old these trousers are. I still adore them though. And I would have never worn them like this originally which at least makes me feel that I’ve grown up a tiny bit…. 
Much Love xxx

eleanor's adventures.


Current loves // Zoeva Brush Set

Hi Lovelies! Today I’d like to discuss something I’ve been meaning to post about for weeks and weeks. That something is Zoeva brushes. I purchased the Zoeva classic eye brush set a while back when I was actually meaning to just buy  a few blending brushes. I thought I’d check them out because they’re mentioned ALOT by certain Youtubers (I think we can all name a few…).
This set was very reasonably priced and worked out at about £35 including postage from Germany which really ain’t bad. It comes with a rather handy bag which I use for transporting them about mostly as I actually store my brushes in old Yankee jars at home- thrifty! I really love the brow brush to a point where I’m not 100% sure how I managed my brows without it. I’m also a massive fan of the shaders/ definers- they’re just so so soft. The only one I can’t really comment on yet is the fine liner as I haven’t been big on my gel liners lately… really not like me. But I’m sure I’d get along just fine with it.
There’s so many different brush sets on the website so I’ll probably invest in the face set too. Also if anyone has tried their make up let me know your thoughts as I’d be interested to give it a go! 
Much Love xxx 

eleanor's adventures.


pyjama days

// T shirt- Republic (similar)/ Wide leg trousers- H & M (old) / Trainers- Adidas Stan Smiths //

I feel like I haven’t blogged properly in weeks- I’m being very uncommitted right now… I’ve also been trying out some new set ups for outfit photos so my lighting is going to be a little off until I get used to it. I felt like wearing a pyjama inspired outfit yesterday- let me tell you it was a good day. These trousers are a little light right now but will be perfect for my upcoming trip to Ibiza! I basically pulled the rest together as I was feeling like a slob. 
Hope you’re having a great day! Much Love xxx

eleanor's adventures.


spring time

// Hoody- Asos (similar)
T Shirt dress- Only @ Asos (similar)
Triangle Bra- American Apparel 
Skirt- New Look (old)
Boots- Dr Marten 
Earrings- H&M //

When I woke up on Sunday it felt like spring time outside (finally!). It’s been really dark and depressing lately don’t you think? I decided I could do a spring time appropriate outfit post… e.g I could actually wear a skirt. 
I’ve never worn my Dr Martens with these sports socks before but now I’ve tried it out I think I like it. I’m sort of in an odd way loving that hiking trend that’s coming in. Although I have absolutely no pennies for hiking style boots, this fits the bill. 
My halter triangle bra is something else I’m giving a go. I bought a few different cotton underwear sets (I like to match) from American Apparel. They’re so incredibly comfortable- if you’re lacking in the boob area like me! Although I couldn’t wear them for everyday as there’s no support or padding and that wouldn’t go down too well at somewhere like work for example…. I also found them very reasonably priced as sometimes American Apparel can be a bit over the top- don’t you think? 

PS I know I haven’t been very sociable when it comes to blogging over the past few weeks but I have a few things going on and really hope to be back to normal soon! 
Much Love xxx

eleanor's adventures.



// 1. Dinner at the Handmade Burger Co…. our Ibiza diets are going really well honest… 
2. Outfit post in a very icy  Hexham skate park 
3. My current make up favourites
4. Sidney posing for a photo
5. Relaxed Saturday outfit post
6. Lola took a selfie of us both *claps* //

Hey Lovelies! Welcome to week 2 of my Instadiary (that’ s a word I made up). As you can see this week hasn’t been nearly as exciting as I’m back to work. I have found time to take pictures of cats though… obviously. What have you been up to? Links to this kind of post are always appreciated by the way… I’m nosey! 
Much Love xxx


and I thought maybe you’d stay and try to out drink me

// Jumper -Topshop (similar)
Dress- River Island (old)
Boots- Stone Fox 
Choker- eBay
Bag- Zara//

I wore this outfit last weekend when I went out for coffee with my mother. We went to a little place in Heaton. Anyone who knows Newcastle will know that this undone ‘I may or may not have bought my entire outfit from a charity shop’ look doesn’t look out of place in Heaton. It makes me happy anyway. PS Sorry for the lack of make up! I tried to hide my face where possible… 
Muchos Love xxx 


current make up bag favourites

Can I start off by saying my everyday favourite products do change from time to time. I’m definitely one of those people who can get bored and/or distracted by something new and shiny. But currently, right now, during the time of January/ February this is what I’m using most often. I’ve also done a pin up inspired look using this lot and a few other products obviously… my skin is not THAT great… 

Bobbi Brown concealer has been in my make up bag for several months now and I’ve got to say I absolutely adore it. I was previously using Benefit’s Boing but Bobbi Brown’s coverage is  amazing. Also it’s really good if you have dry skin as it’s very creamy. 
My Mam bought me the Clinique High Impact Mascara for Christmas but I only got round to trying it out last month. I have heard Youtubers and bloggers talk about it for ages and since trying it I’ve got to say I’m glad I got more than one tube of this for Christmas. The thing I like about it is it leaves my lashes really soft which some of my other favourite mascaras don’t. 
I’m making a conscious effort to use liquid liner, mostly because of portability- hence the addition of MAC Superslick Liner to my make up bag. 
I love my Naked Basics palette because it’s compact enough to carry everywhere; the shades are also really versatile. Although I actually STILL haven’t bought the Naked Basics 2 so it may be replaced in the near future. 
NARS Jungle Red is more of a summer colour (it is nearly Spring  though). However I love an orangey red and find it really flattering against pale skin- it warms up my complexion. Also It doesn’t dry my lips out. AT ALL. Bonus! 
Until recently I was convinced I couldn’t use foundation as I have really dry, sensitive skin. I’ve actually used tinted moisturisers or serums for years. If you’re having a similar problem I’d really say give MAC Mineralize a go. I was unsure about it having a dewy finish at first but it doesn’t appear shiny and works really well under their Studio Fix Powder if you want to go matt.

PHEW that was a long post… Please let me know your current favourites! Much Love xxx