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stormy days

A few weeks ago we went for a walk on the beach in the wind and rain. I’ve only just got round to putting this post together now… obviously. My memory card did get left at home so I ended up taking photos on my iPhone which hasn’t worked out so badly in the end. I decided to edit them to give a vintage look in an attempt to distract from this fact. There’s a few really good tutorials on Youtube about editing to create a vintage effect (yes I’m trying to work on my Photoshop skills!) Anyway pretty much everything I’m wearing is old and wrecked so no links today!
Much love xxx  


  1. That first picture is just so cute, love it! x

  2. The pictures came out beautifully!!! I love love love the place where you live, when I was younger I always wanted to live in a small town in the UK, by the sea (courtesy of Agatha Christie and Rosalind Pilcher ;-))))). Instead, went to live in Italy……..


  3. Amazing photos.
    Great coat…so colourful for a grey January

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  4. Beautiful shot <3 Love the editing as well 🙂 You did well!

  5. Love these stormy photos!
    Also, nice coat 🙂

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