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Month: January 2015

Illamasqua sale buys

Firstly can I please take this opportunity to apologise for the quality of these images? They’re taken on my iPhone as I’m having some real issues with my camera and it’s hatred for working in winter daylight. I actually feel like throwing it from the top on my block of flats and I know when I turn to violence it’s time to step away from the situation. Seriously though, it might have to go the distance…. Favourite blogging cameras anyone???
I did a little sale shopping at Illamasqua and wanted to share these two products with you- I managed to get a really good deal on both. It’s hard to explain just how amazing the gloss looks on but you can check it out on the website link above if you’re interested. It gives a really intense look and is that sort of brown toned wine colour which is very 90s and ‘in’ right now. I haven’t tried Liquid Metal eyeshadow on my face yet but based on my swatches it’s very pigmented and silky. I think it’s going to give a very dramatic effect but as it’s a cream shadow there’s always the problem that it may crease. I’ll do a make up look using these at some point too. 
Much Love xxx 


Bold eyes using Zoeva brushes

Hi Lovelies! As part of my post Christmas shopping, I went on the hunt for a brush set for my eyes. This is the first purchase I’ve ever made from Zoeva and I’ll upload a little post about my impressions of the actual brushes in the next few days. For now, this is a look I put together to have a little go using them- I’m really pleased with the results and in particular how easy they made blending shadow. I would say if you’re into your bold eye looks they’re definitely worth checking out. I’ve used Urban Decay Crave as my base shade and The Wrong Man and Serenade from my MAC A Passionate Quest Quad for the pink/ lilac shades. I haven’t actually contoured as I felt my highlighter and blush were enough for this look. I’ve got MAC Flat Out Fabulous on my lips- I always forget how much I love this colour. 
I’ve been holed up in bed for nearly three days now and am determined to get back to work tomorrow although it has given me a chance to do some blog reading/YouTube watching.  
Make up brush recommendations anyone? 
Much Love xxx 
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dazed and confused

//Jacket- Asos (old)/ Shirt- H&M/ Short Dungarees- Topshop sale/ OTK Boots- Stone Fox/ Bag- Zara (sold out)// 
I’m not 100% sure why but I get the feeling I look dazed, confused and sort of melancholy in these photos. Which kind of represents my exact mood since the end of the whole Christmas/ New Year thing. I get the feeling a lot of people have this going on though. I’m also finding it increasingly difficult to put together a blog post that I’m pleased with. 
I am however, pleased to have found this jumpsuit/ tiny dungarees in the Topshop sale. For £7. Amazing. They’ll be much more useful in the Summer. I actually got them home to find the pockets stuffed full of broken security tags. So I reckon there’s some sort of issue going on there. 
I’m also aware that tights with shorts can be a controversial issue but I don’t actually believe anyone in the UK or even the majority of Europe is warm enough to go bare legged right now. Just saying. 
Let me know what you think! Much Love xxx

Super Glossy Lips


It has to be said that I love a glossy lip. IRL my glossy lips stick to everything- my hair, food, random bits of fluff and on occasions even my clothing. But for aesthetic purposes in a blog photo I love a glossy lip…

Illamasqua Intense Lipglosses are really really intense. They go on very thick so mistakes are easily made- see my slightly overdrawn lip line for details! I’ve used shade Hermetic which is unfortunately no longer available (boo!) but they do have a big variety of colours online including a bright green- Halloween lips anyone? I’ve layered it over MAC Ruby Woo lipstick to make the red pop a bit more as the colour is super dark if applied on its own. I think it goes perfectly with a simple gold eyeshadow.

Lipgloss yay or nay? Let me know your thoughts…

Love Eleanor x

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’60s inspired liquid liner

Hi Lovelies! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I bought some MAC Superslick Liner as part of my effort to get back into liquid liner. I felt what better way to practice than with a 60s inspired look. I used to be really into drawing in my bottom lashes but I think I’ve lost the knack as this took me a good few tries. I’ve used my Illumasqua Sculpting Duo to contour and the Naked Basics palette for my eyes. As part of my drive to look more like Twiggy, I’ve even went to the effort of faking my freckles. While I was shopping I also picked up some MAC Mineralize Moisturising Foundation which gives a dewy finish, the MAC girl recommended that I give it a try. I’m generally a matt girl and can’t say I’m convinced but we’ll see how it goes. What products have you picked up over the festive season? Any recommendations? 
I also feel like my blogging has been kind of erratic over the past few weeks and I really need to get back into a routine of posting and reading other blogs. Let me know how your 2015 has been going! 
Much Love and Happy 2015 xxx
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