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Month: December 2014

Topshop Velvet Lips

Hey Everybody! I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve done a beauty post. I actually forgot how much I love putting them together. I bought these little babies last week (I think) I got Velveteen Ribbon first and then went back for Blood Orange as I loved it so. I like Topshop’s make up anyway, I think for high street make up it is really good quality. However, I have not (until now) come across a product I’m so obsessed with. Velvet Lips come in two shades: Blood Orange and Velveteen Ribbon. Although I have seen online evidence of purple and black shades- where are these available to buy? I need them!! They retail at £10 each which I personally think is a reasonable price tag. 

The only issue I had was that they dry so quickly so you do have to apply super quick and carefully. I made the mistake of trying to do this as I was running out of the door the first time I used them… Once you have carefully applied them, they are super matt. I was worried that they would dry my lips out but they’re actually incredibly moisturising. Now I sometimes have problems with MAC matt lipsticks drying my lips, so I prefer this product with regards to that.

They also last for ages. After a meal most of the product will still be going strong. So they’d be great for a long day where you might not get much chance to reapply make up. When it comes to removing them it can take time and effort- I had to remove and reapply most of the make up on the bottom of my face to get these photos. But if you’re removing your make up for the night I guess this isn’t a problem. 
Let me know if you’ve tried these before? Also which shade is your favourite?

Much Love xxx
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i don’t find you crazy at all

// Jacket- Topshop (similar)/ Shirt- Primark/ Leggings- Topshop/ Trainers- Nike/ Necklace- Topshop// 

It’s Friday eve! I’m very very pleased right now. I am not only seeing my mother for the first time in about a month but also meeting two of my besties in Edinburgh this weekend. Winning at life right now. 
In other news- have you noticed this post is a little bit Topshop heavy? But that’s ok- right? I was feeling all uninspired and thinking what can I wear- which is where Pinterest came to my rescue. Geez I love that thing! 
I hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend too. Much Love xxx
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there’s lots and lots for us to do

// Coat- Topshop Unique (old)/ Dress- Missguided/ Boots- Primark/ Choker- eBay//

I’m trying to wear more skirts. After taking a look back at my Lookbook photos I realised I mostly wear trousers, so I’m giving this girl thing a go. I bought this dress which is realistically a party dress, I’ve grunged it up with this amazing Topshop Unique mac. I think it was originally something like £300 but I got it in the sale for a pretty good price. I’m trying not to upload too many photos as they’re so badly lit and I can’t really handle it. Blogger problems. 
Much Love Eleanor xxx (haha just nearly spelt my own name wrong- oh dear!) 
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