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glitter christmas make up

I feel like I’ve been so so busy over the past few days that I’ve hardly had time to blog. I arrived home for fake Christmas last night- I don’t get a real one as I work in retail! I will reply to comments and stuff today so don’t please don’t think I’m completely ignorant. 
A few days ago I had a little go at some Christmas inspired make up, I was really hoping the copper and gold tones in my eye make up would translate better on camera but it can’t be helped.
I’d just like to draw attention to a few products I’ve used including Smashbox Photo Finish primer. I was given a few testers of this recently and I really can’t see myself going back to using another primer. It gives the smoothest, silkiest skin to start applying foundation I’ve ever experienced. For my lips I have used Topshop Velvet Lips in Velveteen Ribbon and then applied Mac Lipglass in Rebel. I love the deep glossy red these two products combined give. I’ll definitely be wearing this look more often. I also applied a little Urban Decay Moondust in Space Cowboy to give the glittery effect. Moondust is also on my eyes on top of my eyeshadow- the only problem I have with this is that I wish it was more pigmented or build able. Maybe I can use my brush wet? 
Let me know what you think! Much Love xxx
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  1. Perfect for Christmas dinner!

  2. The copper and gold looks great! Looove how your blush looks too. Sucks that you can't properly get to celebrate Christmas working retail… although most stores in my area close at 7 or 8 on Christmas Eve, so I hope it's the same over there at least!

    becky ♡ star violet

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