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festive nails

Merry Christmas! I just wanted to do a little post on my festive nails. I’ve used this Nails Inc. gift set that I was given for Secret Santa last year… A really suited present  I must say!  As you can see it has been used throughout the year and does look a little battered but is still brilliant for Christmas and New Year. Basically you use the black varnish to coat your nails and then roll them in the glitter of your choice. After brushing away the excess (I only do this lightly as I like my nails THICK with glitter) you apply the topcoat. It dries really quickly which is excellent for me but can chip easily- not so good as I am very clumsy. I do love Nails Inc. products so am a little bias but I am so excited by my glitter nails. 
I hope you’re all having an amazing Christmas! Much Love xxx
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  1. These nails are gorgeous!


  2. You did a good coat! If I were to do that, glitter would be everywhere! lol. I'm pretty good with painting my nails, but throw glitter into the mix and I'm a mess 🙂

    Z. | J. POTTER

  3. Glitter nails actually last the longest for me! I like my glitters pretty thick as well, haha. The silvery glitters you used are pretty!

    becky ♡ star violet

  4. Your nails are to die for Eleanor, so glamorous… I love glitter..I can never get it off though! This looks so perfect for NYE!

    Sarah-Jane xo //

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