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best friends

// Jumper- Asos/ Dungarees- River Island (no longer available)/ Boots- Primark/ Earrings- Topshop (similar)//

It’s so horrible and dark and miserable outside today so I thought I’d share this OOTD from earlier this week when the sun was shining and I made a new ginger friend. She came over to chat for a bit and although I couldn’t understand a word she was saying she seems pretty cool.
I am trying to style my dungarees for winter as I don’t want them to just be a comfort I can enjoy in the summer. When I went out shopping I just threw my boyfriend overcoat on top of this which I thought worked alright but I did get a few strange looks- I think as bloggers were all used to that though! 
Hope you’re having a great week! Much Love xxx
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  1. You have such a wonderful sense of style and I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog & started following you! You look gorgeous, love this outfit on you!


  2. I love wearing dungarees in the winter – Not sure why you got some strange looks, perhaps they were just jealous haha. And aww, such a cute little kitty, cannot wait to be reunited with mine over Christmas!

    Cats In Crop Tops

  3. I do love a good pair of denim dungarees, you've styled them really well!x

  4. I adore this, you look amazing Eleanor x

  5. I'm a huge fan of the turtle-neck jumper this winter, and I love that you wore your's under your dungarees. I bet it looked even better with your boyfriend coat. Those people staring are probably secretly envious they don't have your sense of style 🙂

  6. Chic outfit, I looove your look 🙂

  7. the overall looks so good on you. i look hilarious in them.

  8. I used to be sooo against dungarees when I first saw the trend, now I can't get enough of outfits like these! Love it, and those boots are to die for!

    99 OUTFITS

  9. I love this, you make the dungarees look so effortless to style! Haha, I also have a tendency of making four legged friends myself :')

    // xx

  10. Thank you for your comment on my blog and for sharing your opinion!
    I love hearing other people's view on fashion!


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