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Illumasqua Sculpting Powder Duo

Now firstly, this is the first contouring duo I have ever tried so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. I’ve previously used separate bronzer and and highlighter products to contour and had never taken the time to properly research contouring for pale skin. When I did however, I came across this product. I bought it in shade Illuminate & Nefertiti, which appeared to be the lightest shade based on the website swatches. I know that this is a really bad way to chose a product you’ve never used before and I should have went in to store but I was feeling spontaneous! 
When it arrived in the post I was a little worried it was going to come out far too dark for my skin tone. I’ve read other reviews that had the same uncertainties but after trying it out I can say that it works really well for pale skin. Which is what it’s designed for after all! 
I use an angled brush to apply it on top of my powder. I then take my used foundation brush (you could alternatively apply more powder) in downward strokes as it does come out way too pigmented to use on it’s own. I think it’s essential to go over the top of all contouring though. You can also use it wet if you want a more dramatic effect- which is something I’ve just read now and will be trying! I found a really good tutorial by Vivianna Does Makeup on how to contour, if you’d like some tips. 
I’m really happy with this product on my skin. The highlighter Illuminate is especially lovely and comes out very shimmery. I wouldn’t generally use it for a day time look as I do feel very glittery but for an evening look it’s very well used (as you can see in the photos). I generally go for powder products and oppose to creams so I really enjoy using this as well. 
I did do a make up look and try to photograph it for this post but it’s really not translating well on my camera unfortunately
Have you tried and contouring kits? What are your recommendations
Much Love xxx 
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  1. love the shade (not to cool nor warm) but it looks a bit too chalky, is it?

  2. Unfortunately, I'm a dilletantish amateur when it comes to contouring. But still I always end up purchasing those kind of make-up and powder sets. Would love to learn it one day how to use my make-up right 🙂

    Katarina x

  3. Interesting review! Like you I've only used bronzer and highlighter separately so I'll need to try something like this out!

  4. The contour shade is a little chalky but very soft. For what I like the textures really good 🙂

  5. I'm no expert either! I've only been giving it a try recently 🙂

  6. Yeah I didn't know whether it was worth it but I'm glad I gave it a try 🙂

  7. wish the photos of your self using these products didn't fail so we could see the result! 🙁 thanks for the great review though

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