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Benefit’s they’re real push-up liner

//Benefit they’re real! push-up liner- Boots//

Ok, ok I know I’m pretty late to give this product a go but if i’m honest I never really read into it that much. I use a pot of gel liner and I’m pretty content with that, some days if I’m in a hurry I’ll use a felt tip liner for times sake (the Rimmel one is actually really good). However, December’s Elle magazine comes with a free sample size and ideas for how to use it if you’re stuck. That’s why I’m giving it a try.
I would describe this liner as a gel that can be used in a similar way to a felt tip- does that make any sense? You have to squeeze the nib- at least on the sample and the gel liner comes out. I think it comes out too heavily but maybe this isn’t the case if you buy the actual product. I don’t doubt it’s length of wear, Benefit are generally very good for this. I do like the effect for a heavy, extreme look but I just can’t get the precision I do with my Bobbi Brown brush. The full sized product retails at £18.50 in Boots- I don’t think I’ll be buying it. I don’t think it was any quicker or easier than using my brush. I am happy that I managed to get my hands on a sample before spending the money though. 
Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? 
Much Love Eleanor xxx 
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  1. It looks amazing on, but I think I'd struggle too much with the consistency! x

  2. looks so good on you, i also got this sample and hated it! you seem to of got the hang of it though… xxx

  3. You look gorgeous, your eyes look fab! But I know what you mean about wanting to get it precise – I don't think I would like this product as i'm into the thinner eyeliner look rather than thicker.

    My fave liquid eyeliner has always been rimmels 🙂 Thanks for sharing babe!

    Gabby xo

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  4. I got my sample few months ago when Benefit was exchanging old eyeliners for this sample. I am also not going to buy full-version, I am not using eye liner that often, so fell-sized pen would probably dry out before I'd get a chance to finish it. I think the whole is seriously over-priced and over-hyped. 🙂

  5. Loves hearing your opinion about this product because I feel some Benefit products are amazing and some I really don't like, I have never tried this one thought but love a good black eyeliner!

    Much love xxx

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