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Month: November 2014

almost famous

//Coat- Topshop (similar)/ T shirt- Primark/ Trousers- Topshop/ Trainers- Nike @ JD Sports/ Scarf- Missguided (no longer available) //

My Nike air force 1s are some of my old favourites, they really dress down any outfit. I’m lucky to be small enough to buy them in kiddie’s sizes which saves me a few pennies. I’ve worn this Missguided scarf pretty much every day since I bought it. It’s honestly so warm and one of my best recent bargains.
I’m currently watching Almost Famous and lusting over the wardrobe of the entire cast. Penny Lane is one of my forever style icons. I hope you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday too!
Much Love xxx
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factory girl

//Coat- Topshop (old)/ Playsuit- Primark (old) / Boots-Primark// 

Hello Lovelies! I’m feeling pretty sixties inspired right now as you can probably guess. Most of my outfit is recycled old pieces of clothing. I bought this coat last year but it’s still going strong. I haven’t actually worn this playsuit since I got it and am really not sure why as I do love it dearly. 
One more thing- Have you seen Topshop’s party wear campaign ?! Featuring Miss Delevingne of course.  Wow. There’s some gorgeous sixties style stuff in that which is maybe where this current obsession began. 
Have a lovely evening! Much Love xxx
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double denim

//Jacket – New Look (similar)/ Jumper- Topshop/ Jeans- Miss Selfridge (old)/ Boots- Primark/ Earrings- Topshop/ Bag- Asos (old)// 

Hey Lovelies! I’m enjoying taking outfit photos in my street right now. It sort of gives the impression of one of those cool London hipsters who do fashion shoots on council estates to look all urban and whatever. In reality I live in Scotland and therefore I live on a council estate because I’m skint but we can pretend….
I can’t describe how happy I am that I saved this old denim jacket from the charity shop pile. It is experiencing a new lease of life; today I’ve gone for a controversial double denim look. Let me know how you feel about double denim? I was originally wearing this outfit with a high ponytail instead of my hat. I looked like Bianca from Eastenders, which I was pretty pleased with! Chris was all: ‘ You look like a chav, no.’ 
You may find yourself asking, is that ugly hiking hat really necessary? I would say yes, I have never experienced such a warm piece of headwear- honest. 
Hope your Monday hasn’t been too taxing. Much Love xxx 
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Illumasqua Sculpting Powder Duo

Now firstly, this is the first contouring duo I have ever tried so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. I’ve previously used separate bronzer and and highlighter products to contour and had never taken the time to properly research contouring for pale skin. When I did however, I came across this product. I bought it in shade Illuminate & Nefertiti, which appeared to be the lightest shade based on the website swatches. I know that this is a really bad way to chose a product you’ve never used before and I should have went in to store but I was feeling spontaneous! 
When it arrived in the post I was a little worried it was going to come out far too dark for my skin tone. I’ve read other reviews that had the same uncertainties but after trying it out I can say that it works really well for pale skin. Which is what it’s designed for after all! 
I use an angled brush to apply it on top of my powder. I then take my used foundation brush (you could alternatively apply more powder) in downward strokes as it does come out way too pigmented to use on it’s own. I think it’s essential to go over the top of all contouring though. You can also use it wet if you want a more dramatic effect- which is something I’ve just read now and will be trying! I found a really good tutorial by Vivianna Does Makeup on how to contour, if you’d like some tips. 
I’m really happy with this product on my skin. The highlighter Illuminate is especially lovely and comes out very shimmery. I wouldn’t generally use it for a day time look as I do feel very glittery but for an evening look it’s very well used (as you can see in the photos). I generally go for powder products and oppose to creams so I really enjoy using this as well. 
I did do a make up look and try to photograph it for this post but it’s really not translating well on my camera unfortunately
Have you tried and contouring kits? What are your recommendations
Much Love xxx 
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the mystery hat

// Dress- Topshop/ Boots- Dr Martens/ Necklace- Topshop/Hat- Fabric Skateboards// 

This may sound a little strange but I don’t actually know how I acquired this hat. I have done a little investigating and found out that it is available to buy from Native Skate Store but am still no closer to knowing how it appeared in my wardrobe. I bought this dress ages ago but just haven’t been inspired to wear it, I’m still not completely convinced I really like it or it suits me but I’ve given it a go. I have to wear thick tights and a chunky jumper with this outfit if I’m venturing outdoors as it’s far too cold for bare shoulders in Scotland. Scotland loves Dr Martens though. 
I hope you’re having a great weekend. For me it’s officially time to start watching Christmas films! (Excited squeal). Much love xxx
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something old

// T shirt- Urban Outfitters (old)/ Jeans- F&F/ Boots-Primark/ Scarf- Missguided/ Choker- eBay//

Soooo I’m hating the quality of these photos but it’s been getting dark when I leave work at 3, which means I’m having to do outfit photos in my dimly lit living room- blogger problems! I bought this scarf recently and it keeps me so amazingly warm when I leave the house in the morning. It’s also really good quality for the £15.99 price tag. I decided to wear it with something I’ve dug out of the back of my wardrobe (my Nirvana T shirt) in an attempt to look sort of cool. I also love how badly these jeans fit- that might not make sense but they just look really 90s and terribly cut… wonderful! 
Hope you’re having a great day! 
Love Eleanor xxx
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monday inspiration

(Images from Google Images) Shrimps Spring Summer 2015 and Mary Katrantzou for Adidas makes me happy on this dark, rainy Monday. I think you could mix and match- what about you? 
Much Love Eleanor xxx 
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//Coat- Topshop (similar)/ T shirt- Primark/ Playsuit- Urban Outfitters (old)/ Boots- Primark/ Hat- Boohoo/ Choker- eBay// 

Hey lovelies! I found this playsuit somewhere in the back of my vast wardrobe, I haven’t worn it in years but it’s amazing when you find an old favourite and it’s almost like you’ve bought something new. I’ve layered it under an oversized tee for Autumn as it’s a very summery piece. I’m so happy with the result that I feel sort of sad I don’t own actual shorts in the same fabric.
My photos aren’t their usual size which is mostly because blogger is destroying the quality of them randomly today. It will let me make them larger but not by altering the HTML, I just don’t know whats going on. That’s a problem for another day though!
Let me know how you’re layering up for the cold days! 
Much Love xxx 
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//Jacket- Topshop (similar)/ T shirt- Primark/ Vest- Primark/ Joggers- Zara (similar) / Shoes- Primark//

I’m pleased to announce that as it is my Monday off we managed to get out and take some outfit photos, which is great as I’ve been wanting to blog about these joggers for weeks. I bought them with some of my Birthday money and I’m so in love. They’re smart sportswear which is an excellent idea in my opinion. Also they’re made from a warm, thick fabric which is brilliant when you live in Scotland- trust me. I’m finding Zara is one of my favourite stores right now, they’re so fashion forward, reasonably priced and let’s face it better quality than Topshop (sorry!). The lipstick I’m wearing is MAC’s Matt Heroine by the way- I’m loving violet lips right now. 
The security guards were kind of suspicious as to why we were taking photos in a wet grey car park. I did tell them they were for my blog which was met by some blank glances… 
Anyway have a great day! Much Love xxx 
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Benefit’s they’re real push-up liner

//Benefit they’re real! push-up liner- Boots//

Ok, ok I know I’m pretty late to give this product a go but if i’m honest I never really read into it that much. I use a pot of gel liner and I’m pretty content with that, some days if I’m in a hurry I’ll use a felt tip liner for times sake (the Rimmel one is actually really good). However, December’s Elle magazine comes with a free sample size and ideas for how to use it if you’re stuck. That’s why I’m giving it a try.
I would describe this liner as a gel that can be used in a similar way to a felt tip- does that make any sense? You have to squeeze the nib- at least on the sample and the gel liner comes out. I think it comes out too heavily but maybe this isn’t the case if you buy the actual product. I don’t doubt it’s length of wear, Benefit are generally very good for this. I do like the effect for a heavy, extreme look but I just can’t get the precision I do with my Bobbi Brown brush. The full sized product retails at £18.50 in Boots- I don’t think I’ll be buying it. I don’t think it was any quicker or easier than using my brush. I am happy that I managed to get my hands on a sample before spending the money though. 
Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? 
Much Love Eleanor xxx 
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