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Month: October 2014

they gonna see us from outer space

// Leather jacket- Topshop (old)/ Jumper- Mango/ Kickflare trousers- Asos/ Monk shoes- Office/ Scarf- Urban Outfitters (old)/ Bowler hat- Primark// 

Hey Lovelies! I’m uploading this outfit of the day very very late… I wore this to visit Chris’s family in Edinburgh- well Portobello which is like Edinburgh but on the coast and is really beautiful. That was on last Sunday?… Better late than never right? 
I wanted to wear these kickflares from Asos and my outfit was basically born from there. I think I’ve kind of ended up looking like a 60s beatnik which I’m alright with! I’ve been wanting to wear this bowler hat again for ages but it just hasn’t beaten my fedora until now. My jumper only cost a tenner from Mango and comes in various colours so I might collect them all (geez I’m becoming my mother!). Mango’s one of those stores I always feel like I should shop at more as it’s got some really great finds and is really reasonably priced. Anyway enough of this…
Have a great day! Eleanor xxx 
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clinique instant lift for brows

^naked eyebrows^

Hey everbody! I’ve been such a rubbish blogger these past few weeks, I haven’t even been reading anyone’s posts either but after I’m happy to get back into my blog.
I did a huge make up shop when I was paid at the end of last month, this was one of the products I was particularly keen to buy. It was sold out online but I managed to get my hands on it at work- it was on price match too so I got it for a bargainous price. I always have problems with brow products; I think it’s because mine are so dark and thick (you can see what I mean in my naked brow photo) so whenever I try to fill them in it just looks too much. I look like some dodgy chav in other words… This product really works for me though. I went for the dark brown shade on the Clinique lady’s advice and it doesn’t look too heavy which is great. It comes with a pencil side and a highlighter side which I use on my brow bone and across the top of my eyebrows. In reality the highlighter isn’t as bronze as it has come out in the photo and is more of a pinky rose gold colour- which looks really lovely. I think I will be repurchasing this, it’s definitely worth the money (£16.50), although I still haven’t found my perfect product. I’ve also used Rimmel’s Brow this way gel on top of this, which I really love for £3.99! Let me know what you would recommend for eyebrows? 

I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! I’m off to get dressed for a night out, have a great day! 

Much Love xxx 

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flannel love

//Jacket- Topshop (similar)/Dress- Mango/ Shirt- Selected Homme/ Shoes-Topshop//

Hey Guys, I was going to get round to this post earlier but I’ve had some sad news this week and I just haven’t been feeling it. One of my friends actually lost her fight to cancer and I think everyone who knew her is just feeling really awful. I’m not really good at putting these things into words so sorry for the awkwardness. 
I wore this outfit last weekend as we had a few final days of summer. My shirt is stolen from Chris and has a really grungy 90s vibe. I really love a man’s flannel shirt, they’re so soft and comfy and slubby (that’s a word right?) . I spent many days commandeering them from my brother’s wardrobe when I lived at home! 
So were off to Edinburgh tomorrow to visit Chris’s dad, it’s a city I really love and I’ll try to blog it! Also I’m going to be living alone for 5 weeks and I’ll probably end up with a lot more beauty posts in the coming weeks as my photographer is in Glasgow. Just a prior warning. 
Much love Eleanor xxx
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Also this is my cat!


// Coat- New Look (old)/ T shirt- Topshop (no longer available)/ Jeans- Zara/ Shoes- eBay/ Necklace-Primark//

Hi Guys, just a quick post. I wore this over the weekend when we went out for a few drinks. Aberdeen isn’t anywhere near as dressy as Newcastle so a lot of people go out in jeans. It’s strange for me- I always feel under dressed. Also sorry for the chronic bitch face in these photos, I did have happy ones but they just looked odd! 
Have a lovely evening, much love xxx
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