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Month: September 2014

Topshop Cream Blush

Hey Lovelies! Just a quick one. I’ve been wanting to do a post on this for a while as I’ve been really loving this product recently. I thought I’d try a cream blush a while back, I’m usually a powder girl but this one is great. As it was a bit of an impulse buy I went for a colour I wouldn’t usually try too, this is shade ‘HEAD OVER HEELS’ and its kind of peachy. I’m used to using rosey tones against my pale face and dark hair but I do love this colour on my skin. I’m also a fan of Topshop’s packaging for their make up, it’s definitely got a youthful vibe without looking too cheap. Mines a little scruffy from being in my make up bag but you get the idea. It also comes with a handy mirror which is always a bonus. 

My only criticism is it doesn’t last as long as powder blushes which usually stay put all day. Is this true for all cream types? I haven’t given a better quality one a go so I’m not sure myself. But for £7 it’s not bad!  Have you tried cream blushes? Any recommendations

I’m off to try and get a view of the Northern Lights this evening- one of the few benefits of living this far north! It is really cloudy though so who knows… Have a lovely evening!
Eleanor xxx 

where were you while we were getting high

// Duster coat- Primark/ T shirt Dress- Only at Asos/ Trainers- Nike// 

Hey Everyone! Bit of a photo heavy post today! I was happy with a lot of these pics though- it’s amazing what good lighting can do. I also had lots of fun taking these too, it was different to the usual ‘in front of a wall’ outfit of the day. This is my second outfit I had on when I was at home over the weekend. We took my puppies for a walk and these trainers are the most freaking comfortable shoes everrr! I bought them recently and they got delivered to my mother’s house instead of mine but they were worth the wait. They’re children’s Nike free runs- I have small feet and so can fit into the kiddies which is excellent! They honestly fit like a glove but I don’t know if I’ll be running in them. I do not look ok when I’m running… it’s just awful… But for walking yeahhhh. 
Have a lovely evening! Eleanor xxx 


Whistles wishes

Hey Guys! Since starting work at John Lewis I’ve been given the opportunity to take a closer look at various brands (fashion, beauty and home) that I would perhaps not have considered previously. I had never really thought of Whistles as being a brand I would go for but I am now in awe of  them- seriously! I have been doing my Whistles research (that’s the design student still alive inside me!) and have discovered that former Topshop director Jane Shepherdson took over as chief executive of the company in 2008 and since then big changes have been made. They now show at London Fashion Week which isn’t entirely surprising as they are the perfect example of British cool. Browsing through their Autumn/ Winter Lookbook (it can be seen here) it’s instantly obvious that they have that perfectly simple chic European look down to a tee. The thing I love about Whistles is their unusual silhouettes and muted colour palette, however they also add some beautiful showstoppers to their collections. Their pieces are perfect quality and honestly were my favourite garments to dress when I worked as a visual merchandiser. I’ve picked out three pieces for my wishlist- although I wouldn’t say no to anything from their current collection but these are top styling ideas. Do you have a new discovery you’re loving right now? Let me know!! 
Love Eleanor xxx 


round my hometown… the people i’ve met

 // Coat- Primark/ Jumper- Asos (similar) / Culottes- Asos (similar) / Slip Ons- Topshop/ Earrings- Topshop// 

Hey Guys! Boy I have a lot of catching up to do…. I’ve been away visiting friends and family over the weekend and I was like I WILL stay up to date with my blog and the blogs of people I follow and reading comments and Instagram (which is HERE by the way!). But yeah that didn’t happen. I did get a few good sets of outfit photos though. I’ve just spent the best part of an hour trying and failing to resize them and make some sit alongside each other and it’s just not working. Does anyone know an easy way of doing this?? Blogger is a nightmare for post layouts! Geezzzz. 
Sorry for my miserable face, I was actually really pleased to be in Newcastle. I picked the culottes up in the Asos sale for about £10 and now wish I’d bought a variety of pairs as I do love the proportions of cropped trousers. Yes I am getting in on the turtle neck trend- much to my brother’s amusement. This one is in reality two sizes too big but it’s all they had left and it was so bright and white.. I think it’s ok … right?…  Also I do SOMETIMES wear jackets other than this Primarni number I promise. 
I’m feeling really upbeat after getting to catch up with all my best people and I start a new job tomorrow (I’ll be a fashion merchandiser instead of visual). It involves me finally getting to wear business dress to work! This might not seem like much to most people but trust me I’ve spent 13 months in the same uniform as the stock room men so I’m very excited! 
I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend too! Eleanor xxx 

been tryin’ hard not to get into trouble

 // Leather Jacket- Topshop (similar) / Dress- Mango (similar)/ Necklace and Shoes- Primark//

Hey Everybody! I’ve actually owned this dress for ages and have just never got round to blogging it, which is really strange as it is one of my faves… I actually bought it for the interview for my current job (it must be lucky!) and randomly came across it on Asos. I’d never usually shop at Mango but since looking for the link to this dress online I’ve realised how chic they’ve become. They have such a good selection of simple shift dresses too which is awesome. I predict more money being spent… I’d also like to take a moment to appreciate my leather jacket which is almost 7 years old. It was rather pricey for my schoolgirl self so my Grandma bought me it as a birthday present. I think it’s 100% worth shelling out the pennies on real leather (unless you’re against wearing it for cruelty free reasons of course) as it really does last and is so warm- bonus! 

I’ll be visiting my lovely family and friends this weekend so I’ll try to blog my Newcastle adventures. I’m also aware I haven’t done many beauty/ make up posts recently and I do really enjoy creating them. I’ll be honest- it’s because I’m waiting on my store discount to make any new purchases and well I’m not going to apologise for being cheap! I just appreciate a bargain- ok… 

Hope you’re having a great day! Love Eleanor xxx 


let’s go down to the tennis court

//Top- Primark/ Skirt- Missguided/ Shoes- eBay/ Earrings-Topshop//

Hey Guys! After taking a look through my Lookbook (click for link) I noticed it appears that I wear very few skirts. I do actually own things other than trousers- honest! I bought this skirt from Missguided last year and am trying to think of new ways to wear it. I’m a little conscious about posting this outfit as it is very short and my legs are very ‘out’… Also it was a challenge getting sitting down photos where my underpants didn’t show- this is something I’ll have to bare in mind when wearing it from now on. I’ve gone for a minimal ’90s inspired outfit but honestly I rarely wear something this tiny these days. I’d probably pair it with opaque tights and chunky boots on an average day. 
Hope you’re having a great day! Love Eleanor xxx