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Month: September 2014

monday inspiration

Hey Everybody! Just a little weekly inspiration. These pictures were actually a much better quality until blogger got hold of them! I’m going to have to find a way around this as I like to get my weekly inspiration together in posts like this. This week I’ve been inspired by a lot of fashion week street style and the upcoming Brit pop trend for men. I realise I haven’t included anything from the runways at Paris Fashion Week which I have been trying to keep up to date with. I also went shopping for work clothes today and came back with no new work wear but some amazing bargains from Primark- so it worked out (kind of? no?) . If you want to see more of what inspires me, I am trying to use Pinterest more, which is HERE
See you in the next post! Much Love xxx
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sunday girl

//Jumper- Asos (similar)/ Trousers- River Island (old)/ Boots- Dr Martens/ Bag- Asos/ Hat- H&M/ Sunglasses- Topshop//

Evening Everybody! I’m currently trying to write this post whilst cooking our Sunday dinner and watching Planet Earth. I’m making free range chicken- we spent ages looking for the happiest chicken in Asda as it’s very important! So yeah it’s Sunday, I can only be so attentive… We actually got to spend the weekend together this week, which basically NEVER happens because of our work schedule so it’s been just lovely! Which is more than I can say for the experience of trying to take these pictures- it just went so very wrong. One of those days I guess. 
I am trying to wear my DMs more often now we’ve established that it is 100% Autumn. I got them last year but failed to break them in so I still have that on my to do list. Once I’ve achieved it I’ll be a happy girl! I’m not sure about this Asos jumper- it may possibly be because it’s several sizes too big for me (just maybe?) but I really can’t get it to sit right! I really love the roll neck trend right now though and gave tucking my hair in a go- hides the split ends and everything, awesome. Anyway I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and I’ll see you in my next post! 
Love Eleanor xxx
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texture like sun

//Coat-Topshop (similar)/ Shirt- Primark/ Culottes- Asos (similar)/ Shoes- Office//

Hey Lovelies! We took these pictures a few days ago as the sun was setting which is why the lighting is really inconsistent. I really like the effect it gives though. I feel like some slightly odd 90s goth boy in this outfit which is cool. I can’t actually remember where this hat is from but I’m sure grey beanies are readily available! I’m so happy it’s getting colder as it’s an excellent excuse to break out all of my heavy overcoats- yes I have quite a collection. 
I hope you’re enjoying the weekend! Were off for cocktail later woohoo! 
Much Love Eleanor xxx

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rio rio

// Lipstick- Topshop//

Hey Everyone! I’ve been meaning to blog about this lipstick for a while but it just never materialised. I’ll be honest… I was never a fan of bright red lips- sorry. It’s just well not so long ago everyone, literally everyone (almost) was wearing MAC’s Russian Red. It was a classic lip, I do get it! But some it just didn’t suit. I convinced myself I couldn’t pull off that shade either so I stayed away from red lippy. Recently on one of my (many) shopping trips I thought: ‘Hey Topshop make up is very reasonably priced and I don’t see a lot of bright red lips these days I guess I’ll buy myself a wee tester.’ (Apologies for the Scottish, it just seems to be catching!)  I actually intended to buy the shade Infrared but they only had the tester left so I went for the slightly less orangey Rio Rio. Yes I did base my choice on the lipstick’s name due to the fact that I realllllly want to visit South America. But hey it all worked out ok! I do love the shade and will be investing in something similar of a better quality when I get round to it- maybe even Russian Red, who can say? As always the pigment of Topshop make up is great but it just doesn’t last me very long. Great for £8 though! What do you think of bright red lippy? Let me know. 

Have an amazing day! Much Love xxx

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it’s like that and that’s the way it is

//Coat- Topshop (old)/ Sweatshirt- Primark/ Skirt- Asos (sold out)/ Trainers- Nike (JD Sports)/ Bag -Asos (sold out)//

Hey Guys! Firstly I want to apologise for my lack of links, the only product I can still find is my Nike Air Force 1s and well they’re children’s so no good to anyone with adult sized feet… I think there’s an H&M coat that’d fairly similar to mine, which is available HERE. And only £39.99! Any how I’m starting to feel like I have my interest in fashion back (thanks blog!) so that’s why I’m dressed a little unattractively. Can I just point out how much I love my trainers too- I’m a Nike obsessive so they’re one of my many pairs of babies. You can see me and Chris coordinated too, which wasn’t on purpose honest.., 
We took these photos on a little Sunday day trip to Stonehaven which has such a pretty harbour and an ice cream shop called Aunt Betty’s which is just immense. I can’t even describe! But there is a picture of their creations on my Instagram. That’s HERE if you want to see. 
Have a great day! Much Love Eleanor xxx
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sunday inspiration

Hey Lovelies! This week’s inspiring images… I pin more stuff on Pinterest, it’s HERE if you want to take a look. I’m very tired today so I’m not writing much. They’re mostly 60s related or bits and pieces from Fashion Week. Hope you’v enjoyed your Sunday! 

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grungy kohl liner

Hey I’m happy!

Clockwise from top left: Jill Stuart S/S 14,  Max Azria S/S 13, Versace S/S 14 and Lanvin S/S 13. 
Good Evening! I’m so happy it’s the weekend… really REALLY happy! Now I’m going to be honest I haven’t worn much kohl eyeliner since I thought I was an indie rock chic back in sixth form (oh the skinny jeans!) The pencil I used is indiscriminate due to the fact that it has had all branding rubbed off. It does come with a very handy sharpener lid (see above)  and I THINK I may have got it free from a magazine? If you can come to any conclusions of what brand it may be based on this description please let me know in the comments! So yeah told you I didn’t use pencil eyeliner much… I do remember the Rimmel one being a favourite of mine back in the day oh and Benefit Bad Gal. 
I think I may give this look more of a chance more often though, I do actually feel like a rock star and it’s simpler to achieve than my usual cat eye! Something I’ve learnt is this sort of eyeliner really does go along way when you start blending- this may have been a useful tip for my teenage self! 
I’m not really feeling doing close up make up faces anymore if I’m honest, right now I feel very exposed with these shots and am wondering why oh why why did I not airbrush out my mustache… vanity. I’m also not feeling any of my eyebrow products right now so if anyone could recommend any good ones I would be grateful! 

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Much Love! Eleanor xxx

mom and dad went to a show

// Jacket- New Look (old)/ Shirt- H&M/ Culottes- Asos (similar) / Converse- Office/ Bag-Asos// 

Hey Everyone! I wore this outfit earlier this week when we went out for dinner and drinks. I originally got the shirt for work but really like it for casual wear too. The collar and cut of it remind me of 1920s menswear which is cool as I do enjoy dressing like a boy. I’m also really getting into wearing my culottes lately- their length makes them look awkward with all outfits and I love that. I don’t really have a lot to say tonight so sorry for the lack of words! 
Have a great day! Eleanor xxx

jump around

// Dress – Lavish Alice at Asos/  Shoes- Office (now on sale) / Sunglasses- Topshop//

Hi Lovelies! These photos were actually taken last weekend when I was at home but yes it has taken me this long to get round to uploading them. I bought this Lavish Alice dress in the Asos sale. It’s got a kind of 60s shift dress thing going on and is made from a lovely soft fabric. I’m always really pleased when I buy something I love from an independent company (I usually just buy from big high street stores for ease- lazy!). 

I also got these monk shoes for work but have been wearing them when I’m off. They’re very comfy and are in the sale now so I may buy them in the oxblood colour too. I’ve attempted the classic blog jumping photos- which are so hard to get right, we spent ages trying to time them properly! 

I hope you’re having a great day, Eleanor xxx 

sunday inspiration

Clockwise from top left: 

1. ‘Time to get my Dr Martens out’ styling idea
2. The return of the make up of my teenage years! Smokey liner at Roberto Cavalli A/W 2014
3. Messy low ponytail
4. Baseball cap and turtle neck
5. Men in anoraks, Vidur A/W 2014
6. Sleek low ponytail
7. More men in anoraks
8. Bomber jacket and baseball cap
9. Inappropriate socks with shoes- doesn’t necessarily have to be sandals

Have a great Sunday! Eleanor xxx