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paint it black

Hello Lovelies! Just a quick outfit post as I’m mega tired from work today, even though all I’ve done is sat on a computer. Makes a change from usual though. I’m not going out tonight, I’ll probably fall asleep really early but if I was going out this is what I’d wear. 

It’s like one week until Autumn begins so all black is completely acceptable. I actually completely forgot I had these trousers- I found them in my wardrobe last week and was very happy to rediscover them. The only thing is the zip comes undone repeatedly throughout the day so I’m constantly flying low when I wear them… oh dear. My accessories are really simple. I know some people might feel hoop earrings are chavvy but I really love them (sorry not sorry)! I rarely wear heels unless I’m doing something that requires me to look smart so I always go for a pair that are really versatile. These Primark boots go with everything so that’s excellent. I’m also really loving the messy ballerina bun right now as you can see.

In other news I’m feeling very happy to see sixties inspired fashion popping up everywhere. Not that it makes a difference as I love the whole Edie Sedgwick/ Jane Birkin/ Marianne Faithfull look despite the current trends. But at least I’ll appear cool for now hehe.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Eleanor xxx 


  1. I love it… look so cool!

  2. Love this outfit, so simple but it looks great! Very Sandy from Grease too!

    Clare from Tweet xx

  3. Oh dear, thos leather pants are perf! And htey fit you amazing!! Gotta check HM out!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know! 🙂

  4. This look is fab, I love them trousers! I have nominated you to be a part of the Liebster Award the details are on my blog xx

  5. Thanks Sophy! I'll try and get round to the post soon. It looks fun to do, I love reading blog posts where bloggers answer questions xx

  6. Thanks! Haha yeah I wear black most days really, I'm not good at bright and colourful x

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