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love will tear us apart again

//Coat- Primark/ Jumper- Topshop/ Trousers- Topshop/ Hat- Urban Outfitters/ Trainers- New Look/ Watch- Michael Kors//

Good Evening! I’m a little blue obsessed right now, which is lucky as there is a lot of blue around right now (and red, I love a bit of red). I got this beanie hat a while back but haven’t worn it much as I’m not sure I’m a beanie person. I sort of prefer a structured hat. I’m wanting to try some more unusual proportions with my outfits at the moment so I kind of like the fact that none of these pieces look like they fit together. I also wanted to have a go at something new with these cigarette pants which I can’t get enough of. 

I decided to go for a bit of Joy Division for my post title as I recently watched a film called Control. It’s a biographical film about the life of Ian Curtis, Joy Division’s lead singer. It really stuck with me for personal reasons and is a good watch if you like depressing indie films set in the 1970s…. which of course I do! Naturally I found Ian Curtis to be a much more suiting style icon than any of the female characters and am now coveting and oversized mac… sigh…

Have a lovely day, much love xxx


  1. I'm been lusting over that coat every time I've been in Primark for the past few weeks haha, really wish I'd just gone ahead and bought it now though as it looks lovely on you 🙂 I also love your cigarette pants, I've been trying to find a nice pair like this for ages!

    Louise /

  2. that coat is amazing, you'd never know it's Primarni! xx

  3. Ahhh I miss you! I love this look, since you live so far away now is it okay for me to copy off you and buy the coat? xxx

  4. I love this look! That coat looks amazing, and comfortable. I also love the touch of blue with the beanie.

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  5. Miss you tooo 🙁 Haha its fine to copy me anyway, I'd like a twin safety in numbers and stuff xxx

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