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ASOS Autumn Wishlist

Evening Everyone!
I thought I’d do something new for this post. I’ve made a little Autumn wish list, which actually took me a lot longer to put together than I envisioned! As I found there was so much choice online I narrowed my options down to products available from ASOS. At some point I realised I was picking mostly monochrome clothing- typical! So I felt the need to add some splashes of colour. I can’t believe how well the nail polish and lipstick match each other. Although this is a ‘if money were no object’ list, I think I may have to actually purchase these two products on pay day. I’m a sucker for a pay day make up treat! 
I’m going to try and do a gluten free recipe post this weekend. My mother is visiting Aberdeen though so We’ll see how it goes. I’d love to know what you guys are coveting this Autumn? 
Love Eleanor xxx  


  1. ASOS is definitely one of my favourite online shops! I absolutely adore that beanie!

    Baby Rebel

  2. This watch !!! Love it. All you seem to see nowadays is gold watches or some with black leather straps.

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