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Month: July 2014

DIY- recycling Primark clothing

 Hey Guys!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful evening! I started learning to meditate this week using the App Headspace- I would highly recommend it. I’ve been feeling so much more chilled and it’s really helped me sleep. Along with this post, that’s two of the small lifestyle changes I wanted to make that I’ve started working on!

So basically I just wanted to do a little post on some alterations I did recently. I actually bought these tops in the Primark sale for about £4 I think. I did obviously like them when I bought them but after I’s worn them I found them really unflattering in the way they fitted me. The waist kind of didn’t give me the right shape and the elasticated sleeves were too short. So this is the tops before alterations (sorry about the photos, my table is transparent). 

I removed the bottom sections from both tops to create a crop top length. I had to do this with scissors as the fabric was bad quality and just laddered as soon as I tried to unpick seams. 

Buttons- before and after. Fastenings can make a lot of difference to how cheap a garment appears, therefore I changed the buttons on both tops. 

I’m also considering sewing on some of these embellished flowers I cut from an old Wedding Dress that happened to come across me. I might do this another day. What do you think? 

On the white top I used the excess fabric that I had removed to create a gathered trim around the cuffs. I think this is a typical 70’s detail, although I’m not completely sure.

On the black top I tapered and shortened the sleeves to just below my elbows and so that they actually fit my arms. I also pulled the fabric tight when taking in the arm seam in order to create a gathered sleeve. 

As I said I did like the tops beforehand but I probably wasn’t going to wear them. I think if you have the skills to recycle clothing like this it’s definitely worth having a go as so much just gets thrown away.  I also enjoyed getting creative with this which is always a plus!

Thanks for reading!

Love Eleanor xxx 


Three Ways to Wear- Marks and Spencer Dungarees

Look 1: Dungarees/Jumpsuit- M&S 
Vest- Topshop
Trainers- Nike

 Look 3: Dungarees/ Jumpsuit (as before)
Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Coat- Primark
 Look 3: Dungarees/Jumpsuit (as before) 
Crop Top- River Island

Hey Everyone! 

I bought this dungaree set in the Marks and Spencer summer sale back when I worked there. I’d been eyeing it up for ages but I thought I wouldn’t get enough wears out of it to pay the full price and I knew it would go down as lets face it the Oldies weren’t going to buy it really! Eventually I got it for about £15 (with my staff discount) which I personally felt was a massive bargain. 

Surprisingly as things conspired I have gotten a lot of wear out of it. It’s a really good quality- which yeah you should expect from M&S, but the bit I really love about it is that there’s like five buttons and some clasps at the waist opening. This may sound excessive but trust me doing up so many buttons makes you feel kind of special and secure! 

I thought some people may have difficulty envisioning this piece styled- hence the large amount that went into sale. Therefore I’ve taken style inspiration from three unlikely icons: a chavvy girl (or gansta b**** as Chris referred to this look), a 1940s gentleman/ Haley Cropper (from Coronation Street) and Lydia from Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice is an amazing film that you must see if you haven’t by the way. 

Which look is your favourite? Let me know how you style your dungarees! 

Love Eleanor xxx

PS Sorry for the lack of links, most of these things are no longer available boo 🙁 

MAC Rebel Lipstick extreme goth look

Hey Everybody!

This is my look for MAC’s Rebel lipstick if I were to wear it for an extremely dressy night on the tiles. I’ve taken inspiration from my former teenage gothic self and even worn a nose ring to channel this! I’ve also done a bit of shopping in boots (see my haul above) as there was various offers on. I’ve tried out some of these products in this look and I must say first impressions for Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum are very good. It’s recommended by a lot of people for dry skin and was only around a tenner. I love the matt but silky coverage it gives.

 I don’t really have a massive amount to talk about this evening but I am off to pick up the boy from the station soon so I will wear my goth look in the hopes of scaring him. I was a VERY scary goth as a teenager- clearly! Here’s my product list…

Benefit Pore-fessional Primer
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 
Benefit Boi-oing Concealer
MAC Pressed Powder 
Benefit High Beam Highlighter
Bourjois Bronzing Powder

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil
Bourjois Smokey Eyes- 16 gris party
MAC Warm Eyes Palette
Loreal Gel Liner
Benefit They’re Real Mascara
Eyelure Definition 110 Lashes

MAC Lip Liner- Vino
MAC Lipstick-Rebel  

Thanks for reading guys! Have a lovely evening!

Love Eleanor xxx

PS my eyebrows are a mess as I’m growing them back in Cara styleee. 


Friday I’m In Love

T shirt- Urban Outfitters (no longer available)
Jeans- River Island
Shoes- Office (similar)

Evening Guys!

I actually wore this outfit last weekend but with my chelsea boots as I was going to the beach and I don’t think the courts would have gone down so well. I absolutely adore the fit of River Island skinny jeans- they cost around £30 and for me they’re the best cut on the high street (although I know everybody has different proportions so).

I bought my t shirt at Urban Outfitters Berlin; I’m assuming the print features Hindu God Ganesha. I’m aware that this is a bit of a culture clash with my crucifix necklace but I am really into my religious iconography- I actually wrote my A level art coursework on this subject- which is a really uncool fact for you all. But there you go! 

Anyway, have a lovely weekend what ever you may be doing!

Love Eleanor xxx

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MAC Rebel lipstick— daytime look

Hey Everyone!

It’s pay day and it’s warm and sunny and I’m really really massively happy!!! Unfortunately Chris has gone away for a few days but I can deal with that as I can start planning our London trip and buying some new make up bits and bobs. 

I thought I’d do a blog post all about my favourite lipstick I’ve ever owned-MAC Rebel. Now I am guilty of tending to stick to MAC lipsticks but they’re just so vibrant and stay for hours, which is good for me as my make up often fades really quickly. This is an everyday, natural look using Rebel and I plan to post an idea for a more extreme, party look using it tomorrow evening. 

I used minimal coverage for this look; using Benefit’s You Rebel tinted moisturiser and Boi-ing Concealer underneath MAC pressed powder/NC5. I have used Bourjois bronzer/51 to contour my cheek bones and Benefit Dandelion blush. I am wearing my MAC Fabulousness 5 warm eyes palette (which was a special edition Christmas gift)- Glamour Light and Retrospeck on my lids, the darkest shade Sketch lines my lash line. I have Elizabeth Arden Ceramide mascara on- an amazing product which I adore!

I’d be interested to know what your favourite lipsticks are? I’m always on the look out for new products. 

Thanks for reading guys, have a lovely evening whatever you’re up to!

Love Eleanor xxx


Tangled up in blue

 Jeans- Zara, Vest- Topshop (no longer available), Trainers- Converse, Earrings- H&M (old). 

Good Afternoon Everyone!

A bit of a grungy OOTD for ya’ll today. I have worn these Zara jeans to death since I bought them, although they were actually ripped when I got them, I haven’t just ruined them. Which is more than I can say for my Converse apparently! I didn’t realize they had gotten so discoloured until I saw these pictures so it’s in the wash they go. The lighting’s inconsistent but it was a really wet day when we took these so I dunno how other people deal with this? It would be helpful to know! 

Anyway I’ve had a pretty boring day off, just ringing to sort out my taxes, filling in forms and tidying my house- the joys of working life! I’m about to do some alterations to a few cheapy tops I got from Primark so that may brighten up my Monday evening. 

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day!

Love Eleanor xxx 


Little Changes

Vest- Topshop, Trousers-old, Shoes- Topshop, Necklace- Primark 

Hey Guys!

Just a quick post tonight as I’ve been working on ideas for future posts this evening. The title of today’s post basically refers to an article I read in John Lewis Edition magazine earlier this week. Recently I’ve been considering some making some small amendments in my life. These are things that I’ve wanted to do for a while but never really pushed myself whilst I lived in my comfort zone at home. This article basically gave examples of how small changes in your life can really improve your happiness and well being. 

The main things I’m looking to achieve in the near future are: 

1. I want to take up yoga and learn to meditate- I’m really hoping to improve my stress levels and maybe this will help me look at the world differently.

2. I want to bring more DIY into my blog- as much as I love a style or beauty blog I know I have creativity that I need to channel into something material which is something I haven’t done in a while. Now to decide what to make….

Thanks for reading everyone! Goodnight! 

Love Eleanor xxx 


Ellie Goulding// Glamour Magazine inspired make up

Hey Everyone!

After a conversation with one of my besties last weekend regarding our love for pink eyeshadow, I decided to give this look a try. I also read the latest issue of Glamour magazine last weekend featuring Ellie Goulding (above) which is maybe how the conversation came about… I forget if I’m honest…

I would have liked to use a cream eyeshadow (if I owned one) but my friend had also suggested using the same blush on your eyes as your cheeks so I’ve used my everyday blusher: Benefit’s Dandelion as a base and layered a few different shades on top to create a bolder eye colour. Benefit’s High Beam is on my cheek and brow bones. I didn’t want heavy coverage so I’ve used Aveda Inner Light Tinted Moisturiser instead of foundation, which has photographed better than I had anticipated. The shadow used to define my brows is paler than usual as Ellie’s brows are fairly blonde and I’ve elongated mine in a similar fashion. If I was wearing this look for an evening out I’d opt for a set of false lashes; probably something sharp similar to Ellie’s. 

I’d be interested to know what you think of pink toned eyeshadows?? 

Have a wonderful evening!

Love Eleanor xxx


little lifesaver- clinque

Good Evening Everyone!

Basically I cannot express in words how much this has improved my skin. But I will try. 

A little back story: I’ve suffered from seriously dry, dehydrated skin pretty much since I got over my spotty teenage phase. Now as a teenager I would have welcomed the idea of no spots in return for a few dry patches of skin. Little did I know that dry skin is so much more unforgiving. I’ve tried product after product to create some sort of moisture, hoping that one day I could apply a foundation and not look instantly scaly. In the end my mother got fed up of my moaning and presented me with a small gift. She bought me Clinique 3 Step Skin Care Introduction kit in Type 2 (for dry combination skin). It’s available from my employer John Lewis for £20 but it’s also available in Boots at the same price (and probably most Clinique stockists I’m guessing). I also received a free gift (above) Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. This is literally the best skincare product I have ever used- it clears painful dry patches up so fast!

Clinique claim that it takes about 2 weeks to see ‘clear, smooth, radiant skin’; I’ve been using it for around 4 weeks now and couldn’t agree more. It also lasts really well so I’d say it’s completely worth the £20 and personally would be willing to pay more. The only criticism I have is that I don’t think the ratio of moisturizer is very good compared to the other products- there’s only 30ml compared to 100ml of clarifying lotion; so I’ll probably have to buy more separately.  

But all in all highly recommended for problematic skin.  

PS excuse my horrible nails.

Thanks for reading!

Love Eleanor xxx

70’s Inspiration

Dress- Topshop Sale (no longer available), Boots- New Look, Hat- Primark (old), Rings-Primark, Watch- Urban Outfitters 

Hey Everyone!

So I arrived back from Newcastle last night, looking incredibly tired but I had a wonderful time reuniting with my family and friends! I actually did daily outfit photos while I was there… apologies if the pictures came out really bad my brother took them for me and couldn’t really see what he was taking due to his bad eyesight (I think he’s done alright though!). I haven’t been able to upload any of this stuff as I didn’t take my laptop and there wasn’t any photo editing software at my mother’s house so I kind of have a backlog of outfit posts. I don’t really want to upload them one after another as I’d like to write about more than simply what I’m wearing on here…if that makes sense? 

I absolutely love this dress that I managed to find in the Topshop sale for £15 (it’s no longer available online but maybe in store?). The fabric has such a lovely silky feeling and I’m a bit obsessed with the print. I’ve been finding a lot of influence in films set around the late 60s/ early 70s lately so I guess that’s why I like it. 

I’d also like to say Hi to anyone who’s recently started reading my blog and that I really appreciate this!

Have an amazing afternoon whatever you’re up to!

Love Eleanor xxx