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Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondies


225 g Caster Sugar

225 g Melted Butter

150 g Plain Flour

4 Eggs

200 g White Chocolate plus 100 g for decoration

50 g Macadamia Nuts

150 g Raspberries (roughly 1 punnet)


1.Preheat oven to 180 C or Gas Mark 4 and line a rectangular cake tin with grease proof paper.

2. In a large mixing bowl, beat together the sugar and eggs. Melt the butter in a saucepan and gradually add this to the mixture.

 3. Carefully fold in the flour.

4.Chop the chocolate, macadamia nuts and raspberries into small pieces. Fold into the mixture, making sure they’re evenly distributed.

5. Spoon the blondie mix into the lined cake tin. Bake for 30- 35 minutes, use a skewer to check the blondies are cooked throughout.

6. Once the blondies are cool, melt the remaining white chocolate in a bain marie or the microwave. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the blondies and leave in the fridge to set.

7. Cut into portions as big as you please and enjoy!

Let me know your thoughts!

Love Eleanor x

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Stars and Stripes

|Jumper- Topshop (old) | Midi skirt- Topshop (similar) | Shoes- Office (similar) | Bag- Mango (similar)

|Sunglasses- H&M|

Hi Lovelies! So today I have another clashing outfit post. In the interests of trying to get a bit creative, I’m giving some of my older items a new lease of life. For example, this stripe skirt. Although I’ve owned it a good few years I can honestly only admit to wearing it a handful of times. This may be partly down to the fact that its incredibly difficult to move in. However if you’re walking all nice and ladylike I suppose this may not be a problem. Some of us would prefer the option of doing some lunges though… Just saying…

Putting design flaws aside- I challenged myself to mix it up a bit. Which is where another ‘oldie but goodie’ comes in, that’s the star print jumper! I’ve added my trusty Mango drawstring bag for a pop of colour. And hey presto one midi skirt has a brand new life ahead of it. I wore this outfit (minus the court shoes) all day yesterday and it made a really great look for one of those transitional spring kinda days. Let’s be fair though the majority of the British Summer feels like one of those days so I reckon this look could see me through to July!

Side note: these photos may look a bit dodge. I have a brand new camera/ lens combination, let’s just say were ‘working on’ using it to its full advantage. But no they haven’t been taken on an iPhone….

Love Eleanor x

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May 2017 Bullet Journal Spread

So I have decided to go ahead and start a Bullet Journal- as you’ve clearly already guessed from the title of this post. I can’t say that I’m mega savvy with the Bullet Journal lingo and as I’m a first timer I can’t really say what works for me and what doesn’t. So I’ll have to let the pictures do the talking for this post. However, if you do want to actually hear me waffling on about all this you can watch my YouTube video below.

I know it’s all rather scrappy and this will probably never make it onto the Pinterest Bullet Journal Hall of Fame. But please let me know what you think and I promise to try much more attractive spreads for June. Emphasis on try. Cos you know God loves a trier and all that….


Love Eleanor x

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The Pink Slouchy Hoody

| Hoody – Primark | Leather Jacket- Topshop (similar) | Cropped Trousers- Topshop (old)  | Shoes- Office (similar) | Hoops- Topshop | Glasses- eBay |

Can I just start off by announcing how flipping obsessed I am with this hoody? Seriously hardly a day has gone by where I haven’t worn it recently. It could well be the best £8 I’ve ever spent. In reality it has been mostly paired with ripped jeans and comfy trainers. However, I thought I’d go for the whole sports wear mixed with smart wear vibe that’s been filling up my Insta feed lately. Yes in the hope of appearing majorly cooler than I actually am…. I also think this look would be perfect with super oversize sports wear so perhaps borrow from a boy?

My glasses are an eBay find which I have to say made me feel particularly proud. I swear finding something perfect on eBay is almost as awesome as a great charity shop find. When I’m wearing them the resemblance to my Mam in the 1980s is kind of scary. I was watching a documentary abut serial killers (yes I do that in my spare time- don’t judge me!) and actually spotted an identical pair on some mass murder from the seventies. So going forward I will lovingly refer to these specs as my serial killer glasses.


Love Eleanor x

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Five Things That Benefit Your Mental Health

We all know someone who has had trouble with their mental well being. Whether it’s ourselves or a loved one. Its said that around 25% of people in the UK will have some sort of mental health problem in their life time, although it could be higher. We all put an emphasis on taking care of our bodies, why not do the same for our minds?  It’s an issue that’s close to my heart. So here’s a run down of five natural things that I feel benefit my mind when I’m going through a rough time.

Get Active- I know, I know when you’re feeling down the last thing you want is to do some exercise. But hear me out… There’s a reason we’re encouraged to exercise and it’s not just all about our psychical health. It’s a well know fact that exercise releases endorphins- giving you a major mood uplift. Plus I personally get a sense of achievement from doing a workout. Which makes me feel better about myself. Of course if going to the gym ain’t your thing there’s loads of other choices out there. Bonus points for combining exercise and fresh air!

Take Time to Meditate- Now I’m not trying to claim that I’m any kind of expert on meditation or relaxation. Far from it, in fact. However when my anxiety and panic attacks got waaay out of hand a few years ago my doctor suggested giving meditation a try. And I can’t stress enough what a big help it was for me. There’s so many options out there to teach you basic meditation for free. Personally I love the mobile app Headspace as it talks you through it.

Do Something you Enjoy- We all have things we love to do that help us relax. Drawing, painting or taking photos all take my mind off things and just give me the opportunity to get creative. You might like making music, writing or getting involved in your favourite sport. Having some me time can be a major factor in helping us de-stress. Simply find an activity that you enjoy and take some time out to do it!

Have a Break from Social Media- This one is kind of a biggy for me. With people posting every detail of their lives on social media, its easy to feel as though yours doesn’t compare. Fear of missing out has become a real problem. If you’re going through a hard time, the last thing you want to see is images of others’ perfect lives. (Just a heads up- a hell of a lot of Instagram is staged!) Plus it ain’t a good idea to be preoccupied with how many likes/ followers/ friends you’re totting up. Maybe you spend way too much time on social media and it’s contributing to you feeling down? Whatever your situation, I think we can all benefit from going offline.

Spend Time with Others- Being around friends and family is one of the best things we can do for our well being. I can completely understand why people might avoid this as it’s something I do myself. But spending some quality time with those who make us feel good about ourselves rarely fails to lift our mood. Even if you have nothing good to say, they’re bound to have a story that will get you smiling. Plus you’ll leave knowing you have someone to feel thankful for.

What uplifts your mood? Please let me know your thoughts!

Love Eleanor x

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The Well Loved Band Tee

|Metallica Vest- Urban Outfitters (similar) | Striped Top- Primark | Distressed Jeans- Zara (similar) | Boots- Primark (old) | Earrings- Topshop|

It feels like such a long time since I’ve even looked at my blog. It’s difficult to sit down and remember how to even begin a post these days. Which is why I’ve been putting it off for so long I guess. But I’m determined to get back into doing something I enjoy so here we are.

In the interests of being completely transparent, we have kinda got a big adventure planned this Summer. It’s kinda a big deal! The plan is to take my blog along with me to keep a little diary of the whole trip. However it’s also pretty hard to get excited about an outfit or beauty post when you’re saving all of your spare pennies. Shopping is out of the question for me. I know, I know first world problems at their worst…

So here I am, recycling my ancient band tee… or muscle vest? Which I have to admit had been demoted to my pyjama draw. Anyway I’ve seen a few girls layering oversize tees over long sleeve tops and it reminded me of the awesome style period that was the early noughties. And I’m always into anything retro and unattractive. This particular Metallica baby was bought many years back in Urban Outfitters so sadly definitely isn’t still available. The diamante earrings are intended to bling the whole look up a notch because who doesn’t love a bit of tackiness? In reality I’ll be wearing this with metallic booties. Unfortunately everyone who knows me is probably sick to death of seeing me wearing them!

I’m off to surprise my Mam with Mother’s Day afternoon tea this afternoon. So let’s hope she doesn’t read this first…


Love Eleanor x

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3 Ways to Wear Silver Boots | Look 3

adidastee3adidastee7 adidastee2adidastee5adidastee4adidasteeadidastee6adidastee10adidastee8Faux Fur Coat (similar) – Topshop | T Shirt– Adidas @ ASOS | Jeans (similar)– ASOS | Boots- Primark | Hoops (old)- H&M

Hello Lovelies. I feel like recently my blog posts have been very consistently outfit based. I want to try to mix it up a little but hey I think we can fit in one more this week eh? This is my final of three looks on how I style these shiny shiny metallic boots. Which are no less than £12 from Primark! And yes I have been wearing them just as much in real life I’m pleased to announce.

For today’s look I’ve went for a bit of a retro sporty vibe. Mostly because I bloody love this classic Adidas tee and might have to buy it in ALL the colours I can find. But that’s just how I roll… These cropped flares are also one of my staple pieces. I bought them last year so it’s likely they’re not available anymore but I’ll do my utmost to find something similar. If you’re a shortie like me and you wanna go for flares, cropped is the easy way out. Unless you enjoy wearing heels I suppose. I’ve thrown it all together with a faux fur coat as its gotten real chilly outside lately.

My hair has had a bit of a winter over haul too. I was getting so so bored growing it out so now I have a bit of a fringe. It gives me the illusion of looking kinda cool when I’m actually really not- perfect! Thoughts?

Love Eleanor x

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3 Ways to Wear Silver Boots | Look 2

alineskirt3 alineskirtalineskirt2alineskirt5 alineskirt4alineskirt6 alineskirt8 alineskirt7alineskirt9Leather Jacket similar – Topshop | Jumper similar– Topshop | Blouse similar – Topshop | Skirt similar– Topshop | Boots- Primark

Apologies for this post as I now realise its just a teeny tiny bit Topshop heavy… Oh and most of this is old stock so is probably unavailable now! Despite these blogger faux pas, I hope you enjoy my second idea for styling up these Primark silver boots. Also I have finally managed to get these three looks up on YouTube in Look Book form. My gosh was that a challenge and a half- seriously hats off to anyone who makes Look Books on a regular basis. Realistically it probably gets a lot easier. But for now I’m super proud of my efforts.

I’d love to know your thoughts?

Love Eleanor x

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3 Ways to Wear Silver Boots | Look 1

fedora2fedorafedora7fedora8fedora4fedora5fedora3fedora6Boots- Primark | Culottes– Zara | Jumper (similar)– Topshop | Belt (old) – Topshop | Fedora (similar)– ASOS

Hello Lovelies! And welcome to Part 1 of another Ways to Wear series. I’m actually in the middle of editing a look book for YouTube featuring 3 outfits. For now though here’s a little blog post taster of all the action. These silver boots are a brand new buy from Primark. As they’ve been so popular this season I’ve styled them up in a variety of ways, all of which seem to have a nod to a 60s or 70s look. Metallic boots conjour up images of 70s Rock N Roll stars and 60s mod girls in my head. So I thought let’s go with it.

My fedora has been a long standing staple of my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe. Although fedoras don’t seem to be as ‘on trend’ lately I think it looks great with the oversize knit and wide leg culottes. The culottes were a very summery buy from Zara but I think you can easily work them for the colder months with a jumper and pair of boots. I also adore the polka dot print and think  it can make any outfit a little quirky!

Thoughts ect?

Love Eleanor x

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November Primark Haul & Try On

Hello Lovelies! Today I’ve somehow against the odds managed to film and upload my first ever Primark Haul for YouTube.  Primark Hauls have long been one of my absolute favourite type of YouTube video to watch. I mean who doesn’t want to feel amazed by the awesome bargains available in one of the UK’s most loved stores? I can’t say I’m completely happy with my dodgy standard of editing or my totally awkward persona in this video BUT everyone has to start somewhere! At least there’s room for improvement…

So feel free to take a look and let me know your favorite piece.

Love Eleanor x

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